Wire Chain Link Necklace DIY

We all need a necklace that goes with everything, and this easy wire-work DIY is just that! Using wire, chain and some jump rings, you can create this light weight but detailed design, the perfect necklace for taking you from daytime to a night out!

Wire link Chain Necklace DIY Tutorial

You Will Need:

Craft Wire in 0.6mm / 22 gauge

– 6 x 8mm jump rings

– 2 x 6mm jump rings


-Chainnose pliers

– Flush Cutters (normal cutters will work too-read a bout the difference here)

-Chunky marker pen or something approx 2cm diameter.


Wire link Chain Necklace DIY Tutorial

How to:

1. Cut 7 x 25cm / 10 inches of wire.

2. Using your marker pen or anything else you can find that it about 2cm in diameter, wrap one of the lengths of wire around twice, leaving 5cm on both ends free.

Wire link Chain Necklace DIY Tutorial

3. Bend the wire ends out at 90 degrees on opposite sides. Holding on to the loops with your pliers, wrap the ends tightly around the loop about 3 times. Try to get this as neat as you can, with the wrap sitting next to one another. Trim off any excess wire and  gently squish down the end with the chainnose pliers. Repeat on the other side.

Wire link Chain Necklace DIY Tutorial

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the other lengths of wire until you have 7 wire links.

Wire link Chain Necklace DIY Tutorial

5. Connect each of the links together using an 8mm jump ring (if you are unsure about the best way to do this check out this post!) until you have a chain.

Wire link Chain Necklace DIY Tutorial

6. Attach a length of chain to your links. I wanted a long necklace, so added 55cm / 22 inches of chain. This was long enough to reach over my head, but if you want a shorter necklace, you can easily add in a clasp. Why not try copper or gold colour, or even mix it up with bright colour coated wires?

wire link chain necklace-26

If you make a version of this necklace, let me know so I can share with everyone. You can message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook ! Happy Making!

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