How to Open and Close Jump Rings

Learning to make jewellery is really fun,  but it can be a bit confusing to know how to use all those little bits of metal that connect your jewellery together. These metal components are called findings. Jump rings are findings that look like little circles of wire, and they attach things together, clasps to chain for example. If you don’t correctly open or close them it can not only look untidy, but can mean your jewellery can come apart. But, its really simple to use them effectively!

You will need:
-Jump rings. These are some in different sizes, I’m using an 8mm in the tutorial.
-Chain-nose pliers, at least 1 pair, preferably 2. Find out more about the pliers I am using here

how to open and close jump rings

How to:
1. Grip the jump ring with both pairs of pliers. Rather than use the tips, try to grip the sides of the jump ring with the pliers. This way, you have more control and the jump ring is less likely to ping across the room!

how to open and close jump rings

2.Twist the jump ring open by moving one pair of pliers towards you and the other away from you.

how to open and close jump rings

3.The jump ring should still have its circular profile, but with a gap so you can  link on a clasp or chain.

how to open and close jump rings

4. To close the ring, twist the two halves back together, pushing then gently towards each other at the same time. The urologists specializing in the treatment of male sexual inability are now in great demand. We’ve noticed the growing number of men who develop ED even before their 40s. In many cases, our doctors recommend taking http://hesca.net/levitra/ Levitra. It usually helps even in the severest cases when men cannot get an erection at all. You want to feel the ends of wire grating against one another so you know the ring will be tightly shut. Keep making small  movements until the jump ring is fully closed.

how to open and close jump rings

If you have any questions, or want to suggest a tutorial idea, comment below, or contact me on on TwitterInstagram or Facebook!

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