Tutorial – Gilded Glass Dish

Upcycle a cut glass trinket dish with gold pen and white spray paint, perfect for keeping everything from your keys and jewellery!

Painted Gilded Glass Dish

I was getting fed up of just throwing my keys on the side when I came in the door and decided I needed to create something! Having seen some DIY’s involving painting glass vases, I had been wondering what I could find in my local charity shops that I could upcycle and found this lovely (if slightly chipped) cut dish. I am not sure what its original purpose was, but I am fairly sure my Nana had something similar with potpourri in!

You will need:

-A cut glass dish

Gold Paint Marker

-Matte White spray paint


Painted Gilded Glass Dish

How to:

1. Clean your glass dish really thoroughly in hot soapy water and dry with a clean cloth, being careful not to then touch it directly with your hands, as any oily spots will resist the paint.

Painted Gilded Glass Dish

2.This next bit will spend on the pattern cut into your dish, but most have some sort of diamond pattern. Follow the lines with your gold pen, leave some out if you want or cover them all, its up to you. Leave to dry.

Painted Gilded Glass Dish

3. Go outside or work in a ventilated area for this next bit.  Place your dish upside down on some newspaper, with a ball of paper inside to raise it up. This prevents the dish from touching the newspaper and sticking. Spray a very light coat of paint and leave to dry. Repeat until the dish is covered. I found that several light coats worked much better than a couple of thicker ones. Too much paint can cause the gold pen to run, not pretty! Leave to dry.


Painted Gilded Glass Dish

4. You can go around the edge of your dish with the gold pen if you wish, but I preferred mine without. Again this may depend on your dish design. And that’s it!

Painted Gilded Glass Dish

I love this DIY, it completely transforms a dated trinket dish into something really contemporary! I’d love to see your version of this make, either comment below, message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook so I can share with everyone! Happy Making!

Painted Gilded Glass Dish


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