The creative craft blog from Emma Ruth Jones


Hi, I’m Emma, a maker, teacher and creative content creator, currently obsessed with colourful macramé!

You will find jewellery tutorials, macramé patterns, eBooks and my own colourful macramé craft kits.

I am PASSIONATE about creativity. If I was to have my own TED Talk, it would definitely be about importance of being creative and how we can all seek creativity in our everyday lives.

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The creative craft blog from Emma Ruth Jones

About Me

My names Emma, and I love making things!  When I was little, my Mum always said I would grow up to be either a zookeeper or a Blue Peter presenter (Blue Peter is a kids magazine programme that features a lot of making stuff out of cereal packets and sticky back plastic!).

So it wasn’t a great surprise when I decided to study Fine Art at college, then university. After completing my degree, I felt the need to get a ‘proper’ job and worked in the media as a picture researcher for a few years. But I wasn’t happy, I knew I was meant to be doing something more creative, so I started making my own jewellery and selling at local craft fairs. I taught a few workshops and discovered that my real love was helping other people find their creativity.

I live in Nottingham, UK with my fluffy cat, Aston and can usually be found drinking tea and eating cake.

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