New Geometric Silver Jewellery Range

My new range of Geometric Silver Jewellery is now in my Etsy shop! I still have more designs to come, but I am over the moon at how the collection is shaping (pun intended!) up so far.

There is something incredibly visually pleasing about geometric shapes; the way triangles combine to make other geometric shapes, the way hexagons tessellate. Its hilarious considering maths is possibly my weakest subject. I always joke that my brain makes a noise similar to an old fashioned dial-up modem when faced with a mathematical problem!

Geometric Silver Jewellery by Make and Fable

If I am honest, my love of geometry has been lurking around for a while. One of my first art crushes as a teenager was the op artist Bridget Riley. Her use of geometric forms and perspective creates stunning abstract images. Fast forward a few (ahem) years and I was making resin jewellery based on the geometric facets of diamond cutting.

Geometric Silver Jewellery by Make and Fable

So I wanted to design a proper range of my jewellery, rather than just coming up with an single idea at a time, geometric shapes were a natural. They are timeless and many have cultural significance or are traditionally symbolic. My aim was to create a range of jewellery that you can wear with jeans and t-shirt as well as cocktail dress. Pieces that are uncomplicated, delicate and easy to wear. There is a time and a place for big, bold statement pieces, (my Summer Statement Necklace DIY is still a firm favourite!) but I just wanted simple pieces that you can wear everyday, regardless of the outfit.

Geometric Silver Jewellery by Make and Fable

Gemstones, both raw and faceted, are still very much part of what I make and my aim is concentrate on that section of my shop once the geometric designs are done.  If you want to know when new designs become available, you can favourite my Etsy shop and sign up to my emails for exclusive sneak peeks and be the first to know when they go on sale!

I’d love to know what you think about my new geometric silver jewellery or if there is anything else you would like to see comment below, email me or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

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