Wire Monogram Necklace DIY

Wire Monogram Necklace DIY

Everyone loves an initial necklace, right? Grab your pliers and the template and make your own wire monogram necklace!

I have used a lovely free opensource font called Made Likes Script as the basis for my alphabet, adding loops at the beginning and end. I haven’t added any arrows to the letters to show how to form them because it made them look far more complicated than they actually are! Move the wire just as you would if writing with pen and paper.

All the letters start in the same way; with a round loop. Depending on the letter, this will be the loop at the top or top left of the letter. We will then end the wire at the bottom or bottom right, ending in another loop.

If you are new to working with wire, I would recommend having a few practice runs first – wire doesn’t always do what you want it to! Also bear in mind that some wires can be quite soft and easy to bend and others quite tough to manipulate. Look for wire that is meant for craft and jewellery or that is referred to as ‘soft’.  Read more

New Geometric Silver Jewellery Range

New Geometric Silver Jewellery Range

My new range of Geometric Silver Jewellery is now in my Etsy shop! I still have more designs to come, but I am over the moon at how the collection is shaping (pun intended!) up so far.

There is something incredibly visually pleasing about geometric shapes; the way triangles combine to make other geometric shapes, the way hexagons tessellate. Its hilarious considering maths is possibly my weakest subject. I always joke that my brain makes a noise similar to an old fashioned dial-up modem when faced with a mathematical problem! Read more

Gold Foil Cushion DIY

Make this luxe gold foil DIY cushion to brighten up your sofa! Its a lot easier to get this high-end look than you might think!

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

If you are really clever, you could make your own cushion cover. I’m not that handy with a sewing machine, so I popped down to H&M homeware department.  I wanted my cushion to have plenty of texture, so I chose a woven,  100% cotton one. I’m going for a painterly brushstroke look with my design, but you could easily have more of a pattern, say spots or chevrons, just by changing how and where you apply the fabric glue. Read more

Beaded Light Pull

Upgrade your bathroom with this luxe gold leaf beaded light pull!

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

My bathroom light pull was looking a bit grubby and had a functional, but rather boring, silver end. Having recently repainted my bathroom, I wanted something a bit more fun and I had been itching to do something with these chunky wooden beads for ages! There isn’t a reason for the gold leaf, other than it looking pretty. Read more

2015 DIY Tutorial Roundup!

2015 DIY Tutorial Roundup!

It is that time of year when we all start getting reflective, and while I don’t want to get all mushy or deep, I am so proud of myself for achieving so much this year.  I feel like I have really begun to develop my own style of tutorial, find my writing voice and for being a more consistent blogger. I finally made the leap from ‘Emma Ruth Jones Jewellery’ to ‘Make and Fable’ and switched from Blogger to self hosted WordPress.

There is still plenty to work on in 2016, but for now I thought a look back my craft projects from this last year in a DIY Tutorial Roundup would sum everything up nicely. Thanks to all those who read and especially to those who followed my tutorials or left comments. Heres to a great 2016!


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What is Gold Fill Jewellery?

What is the difference between Gold Plated, Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil Jewellery?

Lets face it, gold is lovely but expensive. In looking for alternatives, you have probably noticed these terms cropping up more frequently over the last few years. But what do they actually mean?

What is the difference between Gold plae, Gold Fill and Vermeil Jewellery? Read more