Beaded Light Pull

Upgrade your bathroom with this luxe gold leaf beaded light pull!

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

My bathroom light pull was looking a bit grubby and had a functional, but rather boring, silver end. Having recently repainted my bathroom, I wanted something a bit more fun and I had been itching to do something with these chunky wooden beads for ages! There isn’t a reason for the gold leaf, other than it looking pretty. You can just replace the end if your cord is still in good condition, but if you need to replace the cord a braided nylon macrame cord or thin paracord works well and it comes in colours other than white!

You will need:

1x 20 mm plain wooden bead

1x 25 mm plain wooden bead

1x 30 mm plain wooden bead

2x 8mm wooden beads

1mm Nylon macrame cord

Pebeo Gold Effect Leaf sheets

-PVA Glue or Modge Podge

Clear sealer / varnish

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

How to:

1.To make adding the gold leaf easier, use an old knitting needle or chopstick to hold you bead and paint a thin layer of glue or Modge Podge over just aprt of the bead, we aren’t going for complete coverage here. Leave the glue to become tacky to touch, mine took about 5 mins.

beaded light pull-14

2.Press the dull silver side of the Pebeo gold leaf sheet onto the tacky glue and rub firmly.

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

3.Remove the sheet quickly (a bit like waxing!), leaving behind the gold! Repeat this process with the other two beads. If after one application, you want more gold, you can add more glue and repeat the process.

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

4.Finish the beads with a 2 coats of clear sealer and leave to dry.

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

5.Knot the end of your cord, I used a surgeons knot which is larger than a standard overhand knot and won’t slip through the hole. Then add on the gold beads starting with the largest, then the medium, then the smallest, before topping it of with the other 8mm.

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

6.Depending on your light fitting, you might be able to unscrew the plastic cover (having turned of the power to the socket!), remove the extisting cord and add in the new one. My fitting is old so didn’t have this option, however it had a clever little clip on the cord near the top that I could add my new cord to! Simple!

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

If you have a go at making your own beaded light pull, or have any questions feel free to comment below or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Making!

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  • 29th June 2018 at 6:15 am

    I love how simplistic all your projects are ! I really love how rich the look of this is and would like to try it in a bright fuchsia


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