Jewelled Bib Necklace

Make yourself a jewelled bib necklace and be ready for the red carpet!

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

Its that time of year when all the awards ceremonies happen, the Golden Globes, BAFTA’s  and the daddy of them all, the Oscars. In my previous life, I used to work as a picture researcher at a national photo agency, my specialist area being celebrity, fashion and royalty content, which sounds terribly exciting but really involved sitting in dark office all day staring at Angelina Jolie.

The Oscars were a pretty big deal and involved starting work at 5am, then trawling through thousands of images of the celebrities on the red carpet, ceremony and press room, not too mention the numerous after parties. It was a long day, fueled by junk food and tea. But one of the highlights (aside from who won what, obviously) was who wore what, including jewellery. Big sparkly necklaces were always a go to. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be loaned Chopard bling for a night, here is a DIY version!

You will need:

-Mix of Sew on Stones. These were from John Lewis, who annoyingly have stopped making them, but for similar see here

-Black felt or beading foundation

-Invisible thread

-Beading/fine sewing needle

-Coordinating ribbon


-E6000 glue

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

How to:

1.Spread out your sew on stones onto your felt and begin to push them together into the shape you want. I have found this method much, much easier than trying to place each stone individually because they sort of arrange themselves. A subtle curve like this one is always a good shape, but if your stones are all squares and rectangles a more geometric shape might work nicely too. Top Tip – Once you have found a pattern that you like, take a photo so you can remember the pattern, just in case you knock them, or in my case the cat jumps on the table and knocks everything flying…

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

2.Starting at one side pick a stone up and put a small amount of glue on the back and press in place. Work your way along until they are all glued, then leave to dry. Gluing the stone before stitching helps to keep the pattern but gluing alone leaves the stones prone to coming loose- all it takes it getting one stone snagged on your scarf and its gone.

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

3.Thread your needle with about a metre of thread, doubled over with the ends tied together, so you will be working with a double thread. This is not only stronger, but invisible thread can be really tricky to work with and has a terrible habit of slipping from the needle, which this prevents. Bring your needle up from the back of the felt to the front, next to one of the stones and begin stitching. Depending on how many stones you have to stitch, you might need to add more thread.

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

4.Once all your stones are secure, stitch 50cm of ribbon to each side to act as ties. The apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the felt and cover it with another piece to hide the threads.

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

5.Leave to dry before cutting away the excess felt.

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY

If you make you own Oscars-worthy Jewelled Bib Necklace, let me know by commenting below, or message me on on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! I love to see what you create. Happy Making!

Jewelled Bib Necklace DIY




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