Dreamcatcher Bracelet

Create this dreamcatcher inspired, chakra style bracelet! This DIY only uses two supplies – a link and some thread!

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

I’ve had seen various dream-catcher DIY crafts around since summer and wanted to translate that into jewellery, but never quite got around to creating anything. I had kind of forgotten about it until my fave show, Once Upon a Time, had a story involving dreamcatchers. Yes, another Once inspired make. I know, my geek is showing. Lets just make the pretty jewellery shall we?

You Will Need:

-A 25mm Quicklink or similar closed ring.

S-Lon cord (embroidery floss and crochet cotton would alos work)


-Large eyed needle

-Superglue to secure the knots (or a thread zapper id using s-lon)


Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

How To:

1.Cut a 50-75cm length of thread and knot around the Quicklink, leaving a 10cm tail. Thread the other end onto the needle to be your working thread.

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

2.The first round is a series of half hitch knots. With the working thread laying over the top of the link, bring the needle around the outside, under the link and back over the thread. Repeat this step until you have 7 knots evenly spaced around the link. Tie the working thread and the tail together and pull together tightly so it looks like a 7 sided shape or heptagon.

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

3.For the rest of the rounds we will be weaving the thread, rather than knotting it. Skipping the first side of the heptagon, take the thread under and back over the second. Repeat this twice. For the next round, continue weaving in the same fashion, under and over the ones you skipped the last round. You should now have a star shape, like a seven point version of the Star of David.

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

4.The next round is similar to the previous two, except this time you are weaving under and over the base of a little triangle that makes up the points of the star. skipping the next and repeating. Once you have woven through all the points of the star, tie a single knot, weave the thread under and over a couple of time and tie another knot. You can now either glue of thread zap the ends, trimming off both the tail and working threads.

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

5.I chose to use the same S-Lon thread to make the actual bracelet, attaching two lengths on either side with a larks head knot, then adding a square knot sliding clasp (see here fora tutorial on the sliding clasp). Alternatively, you can just tie it on like a friendship bracelet, or add some chain if you prefer a traditional looking bracelet.

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

This bracelet is so easy to wear, you barely know you are wearing it! Let me know if you make your own version by commenting below, or message me on on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Making!

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

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