DIY Curve Necklace

All you need is some flat wire, a knitting needle and a chain to create this minimal, mixed metal curve necklace!

Coiled Flat Wire Cure Necklace

You will need:

Coiled Flat Wire Cure Necklace

Flat Aluminium Wire 50cm makes a 8cm long coil

Necklace Chain I’m using a 45cm curb chain

-Knittiing Needle 5.5mm diameter


-Chain Nose Pliers

How To:

Curve Necklace
Curve Necklace

1.Unravel some of the wire and run it through your hands to straighten. Cut a 50cm length. This will make a coil approximately 8cm long when using a 5.5mm needle. Varying the length of wire and diameter of needle will create a different sized coil. 

2.Take a 5.5mm knitting needle (or similar) leave a short tail of wire free and begin to coil the wire around.

3.I found that rather than trying to wrap the wire around the needle, using my thumb to guide the wire and turning the needle gave me a neater coil. The aluminium wire is quite soft, so easy to wrap, but creating a tight coil makes it more resilient.

Coiled Flat Wire Cure Necklace

4.Once you have only a short tail left, slide the coil off the needle.

5.Cut the ends at an angle, and tuck inside the coil, using chain nose pliers if needed.

6.Form the coil into a slight curve with your hands.

7. Feed the end of your chain through the coil to complete your necklace!

Coiled Flat Wire Cure Necklace

This necklace is so easy to wear- the aluminium makes it really lightweight! Let me know if you make your own version by commenting below, or message me on on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Making!

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