Origami Swan Necklace

Use thin metal sheet to make your own origami swan necklace!

Origami Metal Swan Necklace

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know I love myth and legend. So it should be no surprise that my taste in Film and TV shows tends to lean towards the fantasy genre, and at the moment I’m obsessed with Once Upon a Time. If you haven’t watched the show, its about fairy-tale characters that end up in our world, with the main character Emma Swan not knowing she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Due to her surname, there is a lot of swan related imagery in the programme, so when I wanted to create an origami necklace, a swan seemed the obvious choice! I plan on wearing mine to watch the new season 5 episodes (on Netflix here the UK from Wednesday 30th), whilst eating grilled cheese and a drinking rum.

You Will Need:

Thin metal sheet appros 0.15mm thick

-Fine Sharpie

-Metal T-Square


Necklace (or chain and clasp to make your own)

-5mm Jump ring

-Push pin

Chain Nose Pliers

-Teaspoon (I’ll explain later!)

Origami Metal Swan Necklace

How To:

Before making this out of metal, your probably want to practice on some paper or card, just to get the hang of the folds. This is a variation of a simple origami swan as it it is only one sided and designed to be flat rather than 3d.

1. Carefully mark out a 3cm square on the metal sheet. Use a t-square to make sure the right angles are exact or you will end up with a wonky swan! Cut out the square using scissors, then cut diagonally across to create two triangles.

Origami Metal Swan Necklace

2.To fold your swan, position one of your triangles with the point facing down. Fold the point up towards the top of the triangle, so it lines up. Turn the metal over so the folded side is underneath and the point facing up. Bring this point about halfway down towards the base. You might need to use your pliers to help fold the metal at this point.

Origami Metal Swan Necklace

3. Turn the metal around so the folded section is along the bottom and grip with the chain nose pliers halfway along. Bend the narrower part upwards to create the swan neck. To form the head and beak, fold the point across itself. Use the teaspoon to rub across the swan, this will neaten all the folds and harden the metal. Place the swan on some sticky tack or plasticine and make a hole with the push pin. It took me a few goes to find the right place to postion the hole-just left of the centre seems to work best! Use the jump ring to connect the swan onto the necklace.

Origami Metal Swan Necklace

4. To finish off, I used some fine sandpaper (or a nail file will work) to smooth out the sharp points of metal at the beak and tail so they don’t scratch. And that’s it! You could easily to turn this into a pin badge by gluing on a brooch back, or it would look really cute as a hair grip!

Origami Metal Swan Necklace

I love to see your versions of Make and Fable projects, so show me your by commenting below, on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Making!



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