Little Trip to Yorkshire!

Last week I spent a few days up at my parents place in Yorkshire. It was also a bit of a working holiday, as I was to booked to do a workshop at my Mums church and to sell some of my jewellery. But I did get out and about, eat some nice food and relax a little!

On Sunday, we visited the gorgeous village of Haworth, most famous for being the home to the Bronte sisters. The main street is long, steep and cobbled, full of tearooms, gift shops and restaurants. I can especially recommend a visit to Rose & Co  apothecary; a wonderland of glass counters, tubs of bath salt and the most beautifully packaged goods you are every likely to see!  The views across to the surrounding moorland is spectacular. You don’t have to be a Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre fan to appreciate the charms of Haworth.

Yorkshire trip Sept 2015

Monday and Tuesday were spent walking in the woods,  teaching a lovely group of ladies (and one brave gentlemen!) how to make a Beaded Chain Bracelet, selling some jewellery and er, cleaning a church (I stupidly offered to help out and ended spending my Monday evening up a ladder cleaning windows..)Yorkshire trip Sept 2015

Then on Wednesday I went with my Mum to the busy market town of Skipton. We wandered around the shops, walked along the canal and didn’t have the time or energy to make it up to the castle! Highlights were the covered Craven Court shopping arcade and finding The Cake’Ole cafe. They have a traybake with Refresher in it. No kidding. We had to queue to get a table, despite it being a Wednesday, and because of this I didn’t manage to get any shots of the inside, which was like some sort of chaotic fairytale.  They had a decoupaged rhino head on the wall, fairy lights everywhere and a stuffed raven. Need I say more, I loved it.

Yorkshire trip Sept 2015

Do you have any suggestions of lovely places in Yorkshire I should visit nest time I’m up? Let me know! You can message me by commenting below,  or on TwitterInstagram or Facebook !

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