Craft Blog Club Secret Santa!

One of the things I really enjoy about social media is the connections you can make and the interactions between people you rarely get the chance to have in ‘real life’. In particular, I love twitter chats and every Tuesday evening at 7pm GMT there is #CraftBlogClub. They are a friendly bunch, and even though I don’t make it every week, I always enjoy it when I do! Back in November the Secret Santa was mentioned and thought it sounded like fun and signed up!
I got Katie of Katiegetscrafty and after a little bit of internet stalking, decided to make her a small notebook and a gemstone bracelet!

#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2014
#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2014#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2014
Then just before Christmas, my Secret Santa package arrived! I was a good girl and saved it for Christmas day. My Secret Santa was the lovely Zoe of zoflo. She had made me some gorgeous goodies; a hessian star and some wooden Scrabble tile Christmas decorations (oh and a chocolate reindeer lollipop!

#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2014
#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2014#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2014
It was  really lovely thing to be a part of and would definitely do it again. If you were part of the #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa or any other crafty swap this Christmas, pop a comment below, I would love to take a look.

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