The #CreativeYourWay Creativity Challenge!

We all have such busy daily lives that finding the time to be creative can seem almost impossible; I hear from so many people that they can’t remember the last time they made something.

What if you had a gentle nudge once a week to explore your creativity in any way you wanted along with the support of others doing the same thing?

That’s why I am starting #CreativeYourWay ; an Instagram challenge with a difference!

#CreativeYourWay creativity challenge by Make and Fable

How does the #CreativeYourWay challenge work?

Designed to get makers and creators using all types of craft and art together, the #CreativeYourWay challenge is a weekly prompt series that you can use as a starting point to get your creative ideas flowing.

Each Monday morning I will post on my Instagram what the new prompt for that week is, but I also release the whole months worth of prompts via my monthly email which goes out on the 1st Sunday of the month! The challenge starts from Monday 2nd October and will run each week over the autumn and winter months, probably taking a break over Christmas,

I will give you some hints and ideas, but there will be no set projects to follow – you get to take the prompt in any direction you want, using all manner of creativity to explore the theme.

You can treat it like any other Instagram challenge and take a photo, but you can also choose other forms of creativity such as drawing, knitting,  writing, mixed media, painting, textiles, animation, film, jewellery, whatever you want!

And it doesn’t even have to be a ‘finished’ work or masterpiece.

Spend however long you want on the prompt, whether that is 5 minutes or 5 hours. Share what you feel comfortable sharing on Instagram using the hashtag #CreativeYourWay and I will share my favourites from each month here and on Insta too!

Follow me on Instagram to find out what the current prompt is!


What if I have no idea what to do with a prompt?

Firstly, don’t panic! Creativity doesn’t always just pop into your head, sometimes you have to dig around a bit to find it. The prompts are designed to be a starting point, so you can just use it as a jumping off point. Take a look at my Beginners Guide to the Creative Process as is gives you easy to follow steps and examples. Also remember that unlike most Instagram challenges, the prompts are just a starting point, NOT necessarily the subject matter.

When I was first studying at Art College, I was given a project called ‘Human Form’. Even then, I tended to lean towards nature and the abstracts and if I’m honest, people just don’t interest me as a subject matter. So I had no idea what I was going to do with a project with the theme of ‘Human Form’!

I dutifully wandered around taking photographs of people and sketching like a good art student, but it really wasn’t doing it for me. There had to be a way of making this project work for me, so I turned to the internet. Searching ‘Human Form’ brought up an image that was from inside the body, from a camera used in keyhole surgery I imagine. And it was beautiful. The lines were soft, the colours muted; this looked far more like the abstracts that usually intrigued me!

My final piece from that project was a painting of an unborn baby and the umbilical cord. Everyone always wants to read political and ethical statements into it, but for me it is just human form at its most simple and peaceful.

The point of my wander down memory lane is to show that even when a particular prompt isn’t something you would naturally go for, or even seems at odds with your style and interests, that is exactly when you can be most creative.

The challenge starts on Monday 2nd October, and to make sure you get the next months prompts sign up to get my email or following me on Instagram!

I’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with! Any questions, comment below, send me an email, or come chat on TwitterInstagram or Facebook!  Happy Making!

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