Where to Buy Macrame Supplies

Where to buy macrame supplies in the UK, from rope and cord to beads and findings. This page goes along with my Modern Macrame Jewellery and Accessories book, but is useful for anyone looking for macrame cords, rope and other supplies. More sections will added in time and new suppliers included as I find them, so bookmark the page for future reference.

This is primarily on where to buy macrame supplies in the UK, but I also want to know where you buy macrame supplies across the rest of the world! Please add your name, country and resource links in the comments below to help me and your fellow macrame makers!

Where to buy macrame rope, cords and threads

Macrame Rope and Cord

Macrame rope tends to refer to chunky cotton cord, 6mm and thicker, generally used for wall hangings and decor. Traditionally, rope is made from multiple twisted cotton fibres, but can also be braided around a core. When using rope for macrame, twisted is usually preferable, as you can “untwist” the rope to create a fringe. Braided is still great for macrame, but the ends cannot be untwisted to create a decorative fringe.

Macrame cord can refer to anything from chunky 9mm cotton braids down to 1mm satin jewellery cord! And you don’t have to buy cords that are specifically for macrame. There is A LOT of choice and variety, so this section could get huge!

Bobbiny is one of the best known macrame cord and rope brands. Based in Poland, they make a wide range of chunky braided rope (Junior 3mm, Premium 5mm and Jumbo 9mm), single twist cord (Baby 1.5mm, Regular 3mm and XXL 5mm) and 3ply (regular 3mm and XXL 5mm) for crochet, knitting and macrame. Available direct, from many local yarn shops and online yarn retailers such as Lusciously Loopy, Woolly What Knot, T-Shirt Yarn Shop and Craftsisters.

Retwisst Make a variety of recycled braided yarns, single twist and 3 ply rope, all in some fabulous colourways!

White Collection is a small company producing beautiful 4mm single twist macrame cord.

Wool Couture make 3mm and 5mm 2ply twisted macrame ropes in some dreamy colours! They also do chunky and super chunky Merino roving yarns in the same colours.

Nutscene is an old Scottish company, producing mainly garden and bakers twines, Nutscene recently started making 3 thicknesses of recycled, twisted macrame cord called Mac-ramy! Fine Twine is 1mm thick on a 65m reel, Medium is 2.2mm in a 70m reel and 3-4mm. I used the 2.2mm cord in white to make this Macrame Snowflake project

Rico make a variety of rope, cord and thread suitable for macrame. Creative Cotton is a 5mm twisted cotton cord (at the other end of the scale, they make a 1mm braided nylon knotting cord)

James Lever of Bolton is a traditional company producing ropes, twines and cords under the Everlasto brand, selling through a wide selection of retailers. Craft Twinery sell most of the range including – 6mm twisted cotton rope in unbleached cotton, 2mm twisted twines, 1mm to 5mm natural twisted macrame twine, many colours of braided “Bakers Braid” in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm amongst many other products!

RopesDirect sell lots of, well, rope! You can 4mm to 32mm twisted cotton rope, and 3mm, 4mm & 4.5mm braided cotton cord, both on reels and by the metre!

Airedale Yarns have lots of materials suitable for macrame, including these 100m spools of single twist cotton in loads of lovely colours and for chunky pieces or wall hangings, they have a 4mm, 3 ply rope at a great price!

Craft Twinery do a wonderful variety of cords, ropes and twines, many of which are suitable for macrame. They do a chunky bakers twine, which is a 4mm thick, twisted ply cotton and comes in solid colours and metallics as well as the traditional striped! There is also a 4mm single twist macrame twine in selection of bright colours.

Clover Creations have a wonderful and ever expanding selection of macrame cords. The have single twists up a whopping 12mm as well as braided cords in a beautiful array of colours.

Jewellery Cords for Macrame

Waxed cotton jewellery cord is usually found in 1mm and 2mm thicknesses and in a range of colours. Both The Bead Shop Nottingham and CJ Beaders stock a good range.

Satin cord, also known as rattail, is a smoother, silky sibling to waxed cotton. It is soft, knots really well and you can melt the ends. The Rainbow Cord Shop on Etsy has a good range of 1mm and 2mm satin cords.

Paracord (or parachute cord) is a a tough braided cord used in many outdoor pursuits and has become popular for making “survival bracelets”, which has spawned an entire subsection on knotting craft. I particularly like paracord for practising new knots and pattern; it knots well, but can be undone easily if needed! Comes in a few different thicknesses, but 325 (approx 3mm) and 550 (approx 4mm) are the most commonly found. The Bead Shop Nottingham has a great selection in small hanks but is you want larger quantities try Rope Locker.

Chinese Knotting Cord is basically a mini version of paracord. Rico make a great 1mm cord, Griffin produce both a 1mm and 1.5mm knotting cord in a lovely selection of colours that you can get via The Curious Gem. And The Bead Shop Manchester have a good variety of 0.6mm and 1.5mm cord in 5 metre lengths. BeadsDirect have a variety of knotting cords including Mcord braided polyester 1mm and 1.5mm and some excellent value 100m spools of 0.6 &. 0.8mm Chinese Knotting cord in lovely colours.

Normally, using elastic in macrame is a no-no. But, my Knot Your Average Hair Bobble project uses 2mm rouns elastic to create knotted hair bands. Most markets and haberdashery shops will sell 2mm round elastic in black and white, but coloured elastics are harder to find. The Rainbow Cord shop on Etsy sells a lovely range of both bright and pastel shades

Beads and Charms

Coming Soon! Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions.

Hardware and Jewellery Components

Coming Soon! Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions.

Tools and Equipment

Coming Soon! Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions.

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  • 24th August 2020 at 9:39 am

    Hi there. CraftSisters sell online and in store all Bobbiny products, and was one of the first, but I believe the first, UK stockist. I’d love a mention!

    • 24th August 2020 at 4:44 pm

      Done! Always good to find a new Bobbiny supplier! Emma

  • 21st January 2021 at 7:17 pm

    Hi Emma,

    What a fab article, thank you! I supply Bobbiny cotton cord via my website Moodusa Macramé 🙂


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