5 Ways To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

You want to do something creative, to make, craft or design, but you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you have a specific project that seems so daunting that you never even start. Or maybe you have just lost your creative mojo and don’t know how to get back into the the swing of making anything!

How to get your creative mojo back

The internet seems full of creativity advice such as ‘meditate’ and ‘keep a daily art journal’. I don’t know about you, but that just sounds like a whole load of effort. All these things make being creative sound like a chore that requires lifestyle changes and I just don’t believe that to be true.  I even found one post that had a 5 day plan to be more creative. FIVE days? I want to do something now, not at the end of the week. (FYI I’m not against meditation or art journals, they can be valuable tools, but are just not the best starting points when you are stuck in a creative rut!)

The truth is, we are all creative in our own way. Creativity can be encouraged, grown and expanded but it is always there. It just gets hidden by adult life. So read on for my top tips for being more creative now, no meditating required!

1.Make something. Anything. Bake a cake, paint your toenails, write an letter to your Grandma, take a photo of your pet. Start getting your brain used to creating, because once you have started, its so much easier to carry on to the fancier stuff that you really want to do.

2.Take the pressure off and don’t jump in with making the final thing. The thought of making a whole painting might seem so daunting that you just don’t know where to begin. So you don’t. Instead, start by thinking of what colours you want and just splodge some paint onto a scrap piece of paper. Try out different brushes. Test out how you want some of the objects to look.

3.Make it fun. Try to get away from the idea that creating something needs to be serious. If you are an illustrator, what happens if you use your non-dominant hand or try finger painting? Instead of knitting with your usual yarn, use garden twine or make plastic yarn from carrier bags.

4.Do the opposite. It is easy to get stuck using the same colours, materials and techniques. So wake up your brain and flip things around. Always use blue colours? Limit yourself to yellow. Like traditional pen and pencil? Use the computer. Always have everything symmetrical? Go random! If you are a writer, how about being visual instead? Whatever you are struggling with, do the opposite.

5.Trust your instincts; there is no right or wrong. I have heard so many people doubt their own instincts, and not trusting that little creative voice inside of themselves. If you want to put that colour combination together, do it. Just because its not what everyone else is doing, doesn’t make it wrong. In fact, That is exactly what creativity is!

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

  • 13th July 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Totally agree that some suggestions for firing up your creativity are totally too much effort!

    Think your first suggestion is spot on; just go make something. I make stuff with my daughters when I haven’t the motivation for anything of my own 🙂

    • 13th July 2017 at 7:33 pm

      Kids are brilliant at just getting on with creating, without any of the doubt!


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