Marbled Earring DIY

Use plain copper charms and old nail varnish to make this marbled earring DIY. A perfect summer jewellery project!

Jewellery blanks like these copper teardrops have so many possibilities! You can paint them, hammer them, draw on them with Sharpies, glue diamantes on them, use resin or low melt enamels on them. Endless options! Please tell me that I’m not the only one to have lots of old nail varnish laying around. And why I bought green I have no idea! 

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial


You will need:

Copper Blanks

-Nail varnish in 3 colours

-Fishhook earrings

-2 x jump rings


-Chainnose pliers


-Fine sandpaper

-Nail varnish remover

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial

How to make:

1.Lightly sand the front of your copper blanks with ultra fine sandpaper. This will help the nail varnish to stick

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial

2.Using a cocktail stick drip a small amount of your first colour onto the blanks. Using a cocktail stick rather than the brush gives a bit more control over how much and where the polish goes!

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial

3.Put on your second colour

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial

4.And then your third! You don’t need to cover the whole blank with the nail varnish, its ok to have some of the background showing.

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial

5.Then use another clean cocktail stick to drag some of the colours together. It should only take 2 or 3 moves to swirl the colours. Leave to dry. Top Tip: put a blob of nail varnish on a separate piece of paper – you can test this to see if the polish is dry, rather than ruining the finish of your earrings!

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial

6.Once dry, use the jump rings to attach your blanks to the fishhook earrings and they are ready to wear!

Marbled Earrings DIY Tutorial

If you have a go at making this Marbled Earrings DIY, or have any questions feel free to comment below or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! And if you don’t want to miss out on any future tutorials, I’d love for you to sign up to my monthly email! Happy Making!


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