Gold Foil Cushion DIY

Make this luxe gold foil DIY cushion to brighten up your sofa! Its a lot easier to get this high-end look than you might think!

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

If you are really clever, you could make your own cushion cover. I’m not that handy with a sewing machine, so I popped down to H&M homeware department.  I wanted my cushion to have plenty of texture, so I chose a woven,  100% cotton one. I’m going for a painterly brushstroke look with my design, but you could easily have more of a pattern, say spots or chevrons, just by changing how and where you apply the fabric glue.

You will need:

Cushion cover

Gold Foil sheets

Fabric glue

-Bristle paintbrush

How to:

1.  Give your cover a wash and iron (yes Mum, I ironed something!) before doing anything. Then run a line of glue down one side, stopping just short of the top an bottom.

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

2.Brush the glue out on either side a wide, rough bristled paint brush- this will make the brushstrokes visible and help give the textured look.

3.After a minute or so, your glue will start to get tacky (test by gently placing your finger on the glue- it should stick slightly, rather than just feel wet). Now you can place your gold foil sheets on the glue. Now I know what you are thinking; “Emma, the gold side is facing up shouldn’t that be face down in the glue?” Gold foil has a right side that is gold and has a covering of clear plastic, and a wrong dull, matte silver side. The dull silver side is designed to stick better to glue, leaving the lovely shiny gold

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

4.Smooth your fingers over the foil to make sure it sticks to all of the glue. Leave to dry for a good couple of hours at least.

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

5.Now for the fun bit! Find a corner and pull- this plastic cover should come away leaving most of the gold behind on your cushion.

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

6.To finish paint a very thin layer of fabric glue over the gold to make it really durable. It might feel a little bit sticky at first, but that soon wears off and you are left with a shiny new gold foil cushion!

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

If you have a go at making a gold foil cushion or have any questions feel free to comment below or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook!! Happy Making!

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial


9 thoughts on “Gold Foil Cushion DIY”

  1. What a great idea! Looks stunning! Do you think it would be washable though? With little children around, that is an important question to me 😉 your blog looks great, I’m going to hang around a bit to see some more 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara! I have hand washed mine and it was totally fine (don’t have little kids, but have little cats, so washability is important over here too!). Most fabric glues are designed to be washed at 40 degrees. Glad you like the project and want to hang around! Emma

  2. Great tutorial! I’m hoping to do something similar on a printed card design to make a rusted metal look with the foil over a photograph of tarnished metal, do you think it would take the same effect on card stock? X

    1. I have gently hand washed mine quite a few times and it’s still looking a gold and shiny as ever! I don’t think it would stand up to being put in a washing machine though.

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