Ombré Plant Markers

Make these cute ombré plant labels for your garden

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

I live just outside Nottingham city centre, near a busy main road. I don’t have proper garden, just small front and back yards. I let the front grow wild, a small beech tree self seeded a few years ago and there are what most people would call weeds growing in between the paving slabs. But these ‘weeds’ are always buzzing with insects this time of year. The back is a courtyard really, but has lovely purple slate on the ground and a white washed brick outhouse running along the back. I have filled it with pot and planters around the edges. It is tiny, overlooked and has the constant sounds of the urban world close by, but is my little oasis. I love getting out into the countryside or even just my local park, but having my own space right out of the back door feels like such a luxury.

When I heard The Wildlife Trust was planning on a month of activities during June called 30 Days Wild, to encourage people to get out do something wild every day, I immediately signed up. I may not manage every day, but I’m going to try! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to find out what wild things I get up to with the hashtag #30DaysWild. And to kick off, I’m getting out into my tiny urban back yard and making markers for some insect friendly plants!

You will need:

Wood or bamboo plant markers

Coloured Ink, (watered down acrylic or watercolour paints will also work)

Ink pad in a dark colour (I’m using Staz-on solvent ink in black)

Alphabet stamps

-Paint brush

-Water container

-Paper  or kitchen towels

-Clear spray paint / sealer

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

How to:

1.Soak your plain plant markers in some water for a couple of minutes before begining to help the paint or ink spread.

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

2.Dampen your paintbrush, and dip in you ink. Brush the ink down the marker to about halfway.

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

3.Apply some water to the point were the ink stopped and blend so the colour fades out; you can use a piece of kitchen towel to remove excess water.

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

4.Dry off the brush and pick up some more ink and apply just to the top of the marker to darken. Leave to dry.

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

5.Take out the individual letter stamps that you need and stamp out the name of your plant. In true Make and Fable style, I didn’t worry about it all being level :0)

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

6.Once the ink is dry, put a coat of clear sealer over the marker.

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

7.Once the sealer is dry you can get out into the garden, or backyard in my case!

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

If you have a go at making your own Ombré Plant Markers, or have any questions feel free to comment below or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Making!



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