DIY Pearl Stud Earrings

These DIY Pearl Stud Earrings are so simple to make, and only require beads and some wire!

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings-1

Pearl Studs never go out of fashion. Making your own normally requires gluing special half drilled pearls and stud fittings with a cup base and pin together. But with this easy tutorial, you can use any pearl beads and just some basic plated wire.

You Will Need:

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings-1

2x 8mm Swarovski Pearls in Light Creamrose

0.6mm silver plated wire

-Chain nose pliers

Wire cutters, preferablly flush cutters

-Nail file or fine sandpaper

How to:

1.Cut a 10cm length of wire and thread on a pearl. It actually only takes 5cm of wire per earring, but allowing more and cutting off the excess afterwards makes the process much easier.

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings

2.Holding the pearl about 1.5cm from one end, push the wire at a 90 angle, to make the part that will go through your ear.

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings-1

3.Hold the long length of wire in your chain nose pliers, about 0.5cm away from the bead. Roll the wire around the bead, keeping as close as you can. Once you get all the way around, cut off the excess wire.

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings

4.To finish, file the tip with the file or sandpaper so it doesn’t scratch your ear. Using flush cutters creates a better finish and will require less sanding.  Add some butterfly/scroll backs to secure them and you are done. How easy was that?! Swarovski pearls come in lots of lovely colours; I made some in Blackberry too! You can also use any other left over round beads for this project.

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings

If you have a go at making these super simple Pearl Stud Earrings let me know by commenting below, or message me on on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Making!


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