Easy Elastic Ring DIY

Get the look of a prong set wire ring with just elastic and beads!

Easy Elastic Sparkly Ring Tutorial DIY

No one will believe that this super sparkly easy elastic ring DIY is made from some elastic cord and beads.

You will need:

-1x 6mm Swarovski Slider 7707 (or a Swarovski Chaton Montee 53200, similar but the holes are slightly different) in Crystal

-12-18x 3mm round metal spacer beads (depending on your ring size)

-2x crimp tubes size 2

-2x 3mm crimp covers

-20cm of 0.7mm Stretch Magic elastic thread

-Chainnose pliers

-Scissors or cutters

Easy Elastic Sparkly Ring Tutorial DIY


How to:

1.Thread all the beads onto the elastic, with a crimp tube on each side

Easy Elastic Sparkly Ring Tutorial DIY

2.Take the slider or chaton montee and turn it upside down so the metal setting is face up. This makes it easier to thread. Thread one end of the elastic through the top two holes right to left and the other end through the bottom two holes left to right. Take the elastic through the crimp tubes and pull the two ends tightly. Check the size and remove/add beads to make the ring fit.

Easy Elastic Sparkly Ring Tutorial DIY

3.Take your chainnose pliers and flatten the crimp tubes to secure the ring together.

Easy Elastic Sparkly Ring Tutorial DIY

5.Trim any excess elastic close to the crimp tube then close the crimp covers over the flattened tubes to finish.

Easy Elastic Sparkly Ring Tutorial DIY

I love to see your versions of Make and Fable makes, send me a photo by commenting below, on Twitter,Instagram or Facebook so I can share with everyone! Happy Making!

Easy Elastic Sparkly Ring Tutorial DIY

Easy Elastic Ring DIY Tutorial



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