Note/Place Card Holders

Copper Note Card Holder Tutorial

My desk is constantly covered in post-it notes and scraps of paper, so in an attempt to try and control the clutter I made these cute copper and plaster note holders! They would also be perfect as place card holders at weddings and events!

Copper Note Card Holder Tutorial

You will need:

-Plaster of Paris
-0.8mm or 1mm copper wire
-Silicone ice cube tray
-Wire cutters and Chain-nose Pliers
– Sharpie pen or similar
-Container to mix plaster in, measure and a mixing stick
-Cocktail sticks

Place card holder collage1text

First we are going to make the copper wire shapes that will hold our notes.

1.Cut a length of wire about 30cm long. Take your Sharpie pen (or any object with a similar diameter barrel) and hold the wire across the top with your thumb

2.Bend each side down around the pen

3. Cross the wires over

4.Continue bending wires around until they are pointing upwards

5.Cross the wires over

6.Carry on bending each side of the wires around the barrel of the pen until you have two complete loops around. End with each of the wire pointing outwards.

Place card holder collage2text

7. Take the pen away and pick up your chain-nose pliers. Grip one of the wires where the two cross

8. Make a right angle bend and repeat with the other wire. It should look a bit like a lolly-pop!

9. Trim the ends of the wires– I made mine 4cm which was perfect for the ice-cube mould I was using. You can go shorter, but beware of going too high as it might just fall over when you add a note!To help secure the wire in the plaster, bend the end of the wires to create little ‘feet’.

10.To keep our wire straight as the plaster sets, add cocktail stick ‘arms’. I used some leftover blue wire but sticky tape would work too. The stick needs to be attached so the ‘feet’ of the wire aren’t touching the base of the ice-cube mould.

Copper Note Card Holder Tutorial

11.Get your wire in place before mixing the plaster. I used a little bit of masking tape just to keep the cocktail stick where I wanted.

Copper Note Card Holder Tutorial

12.Now for the messy part! Mix up a small batch of plaster of paris, following the instructions on the packet. Mine was 2.5 parts plaster to 1 part water- I used an old kitchen cup measure.

Copper Note Card Holder Tutorial

13.Pour the plaster carefully into the moulds. Try not to let the plaster come up too high or past the point of the cocktail stick. As you can see, I got plaster all over the place! I’m thinking using a jug to pour out the plaster or a small spoon might have been a better plan for me!

14. The plaster sets quite quickly, mine was ready to take out of the mould after 45mins. You can leave the edges rough or sand smooth.

15. I also had a go at making a heart shape out of wire to match a heart shaped ice-cube mould and a larger base using a mini loaf pan with multiple wires! You can also paint the plaster base or even cover with glitter. I would love to see your version of this make, send me a photo via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


Copper Note Card Holder Tutorial
Copper Note Card Holder Tutorial

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