Craft & Sewing Style Fonts

Don’t you just get bored with the standard fonts on your computer? I mean, Arial, Times New Roman and Georgia are classics but sometimes you need something a bit more creative. And there are many, many font designers out there who  are willing to help out. My favourite go-to for new fonts is dafont.com. You can find literally anything you can think of from scary Halloween style to old fashioned wild west via kids handwriting. Some are totally free to use, some free only for personal use and others ask that you pay for commercial usage. You just download the one you want, click to open it on your computer then click install and hey presto you have a lovely new font to use. These are todays finds; crafty, sewing related fonts!
Links to download these fonts- Needlework Good, Barbarello, Singer Mears, Orniste, PW Patchwork, Fabrics, Home Sweet Home, Mesh Stitch, Base 05.

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