Silicone mould making

What better activity for a rainy Wednesday than making new moulds to cast my resin jewellery in?! Mould-making silicone is nothing to be scared of. The one I use is an easy 100:10 ratio, the main part being the sticky silicone and the rest a coloured activator. I weigh out the amount of the silicone I reckon I’m going to need, check the weight then add in another 10% of the activator! The coloured activator enables you to see when both parts are all mixed together thoroughly. Easy.
In this case I am casting a couple of quartz needles and some of my own masters I have made out of polymer clay. I just stick them to a piece of strong cardboard and fold the sides up to make a box, but I know that Lego works very well too!
PicMonkey Collage

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