A little Royal Distraction

Just when you thought all the Jubilee hoopla had died down, the Queen Kate and Wills came on a little day trip to Nottingham! Now for those readers not in the UK, seeing the Queen is a fairly rare occurrence, she doesn’t pop round for tea every month sadly. So to have not only the Queen but Prince William and Kate too was a bit exciting to say the least!
They came to the Market Square and after meeting all the local councillors and dignitaries inside they came out on the balcony and waved at the 20,000ish people who had gathered to see them. I never even knew the Council House had a balcony before this! I went with two of my fellow Women’s Institute members, Hollie-Anne and Leanne. Hollie even had her Queen mug filled with tea from the nearby Subway!!! And to top the morning off, it didn’t rain!
Royal Collage1
Royal Collage

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