Gorgeous Christmas

Its that time of year when the shops go mad, we all eat our own body-weight in chocolate and our houses turn into multi-coloured glittery stage sets. Well, to help remedy these issues can I recommend online shopping for the former and looking at my roundup of the more gorgeous side to Christmas decorations for the latter. Oh and the chocolate? I consume vast amounts of it all year round and therefore don’t consider it a problem 😉

1.Christmas Bunting via Anthropologie 2.Printable Paper Garland via Silverbox Creative 3.Silvered Ornaments via Folder of Ideas 4.Felt Tree via Anthropologie 5.Beaded Card via papercraftsconnection.com 6. Paper Garland via Corrina Field 7.Glitter Bauble via Pier1  8. Wegewood Ornament via Libertys 9. Reindeer Cushion via Velvet Brown 10.Chandelier effect with baubles via RealSimple.com  11.Glittered Pears via WeHeartit.com

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