Vivienne Westwood Red Label Jewellery

Vivienne Westwood is the undisputed queen of British fashion. From punk beginnings to red carpet glamour, Vivienne always brings a touch of UK eccentricity to her designs. This is very evident in her new Red Label jewellery collection, with diamante pieces nestling next to chunky plastic and skull motifs.

But what really caught my interest wasn’t the collection itself,  but the rather fabulous ad campaign starring Christina Hendricks of  Mad Men fame. The gorgeously curvaceous actress seemed both a fitting yet unconventional choice of model, but then again, isn’t that what the Westwood brand is famous for?
These fantastic images were shot by photographer Greg Williams, who marries the still images with cinematic style. In fact, Greg has a large body of on set images from films such as The Bourne Ultimatum, Attonement and Bond films as well as being the official BAFTA photographer. But he also shoots editorial for magazines Esquire, Vanity Fair, Vogue and GQ. This has resulted in a dramatic visual style that really draws you in.
Some of the jewellery might not be my personal style, but the photography absolutely is!

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