The start of the beginning……

After procrastinating for what feels like an eternity, I have at last decided to put a concerted effort into turning EmmaRuthJones into a business and not just a dream. It is three years since I left university, and I have been pondering what to do with life for most of it.

I love being creative, making things and taking pictures. So thats what i am going to do! I love nature and that permeates throughout my work. But its alos thouse tiny little details that get lost in the chaos of everyday living that fascinate me. I already have a good photographic portfolio to start of with, covering landscape, wildlife, floral, still life and fashion. On the making things side of it, I create jewellery. It seemed natural to apply my photos to something wearable. I am currently experimenting with using resin to encapsulate my images into pendants and rings. I will hopefully have some pictures up soon!


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