Beaded Christmas Wreath

Use chunky, natural wood beads to make a unique Beaded Christmas Wreath! This DIY up-scales the simple bead weaving technique of right angle weave to make a stylish festive decoration.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile may have noticed that I love the technique of right angle weave. It features a lot in my projects, and they usually have one thing common; the beads are much larger than the tiny seed beads most RAW patterns use. But this time, I have truly excelled myself, as the beads in this festive DIY are a whopping 25mm and 15mm in diameter! This makes a wreath that is approx 21cm or 8¼ inches in diameter.

Beaded Christmas Wreath DIY Tutorial

You will need:

-30 x 25mm Wooden Beads

-30 x 15mm Wooden Beads

-3 metres of Garden Wire

-wire cutters

-greenery and leaves for decoration

-twine to hang

How to make a Beaded Christmas Wreath:

1.Thread 1 x 25mm bead onto the 3m length of wire and slide to the middle, so you have two equal lengths of wire each side of the bead.

2.Add 1 x 25mm to one side of the wire and 1 x 15mm to the other

3.Take 1 x 25mm bead and thread one wire right to left and the other left to right. This is our ‘crossover’ bead.

4.Pull the wires tightly so the beads sit next to one another.

5.Repeat steps 2 – 4, making sure you put the 15mm on the same side

6.Keep following this pattern of a 15mm on one side and a 25mm on the other and a 25mm crossover– you can see that by always putting the 15mm on the same side, a natural curve is created.

7.Keep going until you have used all 30 of the 25mm beads, which should mean you are left with a 15mm on one side and a 25mm on the other

8.To complete the circle, the very first bead we added in step 1 becomes our last crossover bead

9.Pull the wire tightly and check to make sure there are no odd loops of wire and that it sits flat.

10.We need to get our wires each coming out of opposite ends of one of the outer 25mm beads. To do this just carry on following the pattern going though the first round of beads that we added in steps 1-3, just crossing over the wires in an outer 25mm bead instead of tone in the middle.

11.Thread on 1 x 15mm to one of the wires.

12.Take the wire through the next outer 25mm bead and pull tight so the 15mm sits snugly .

13.Repeat this pattern until you have added 7 of the remaining 15mm beads, by which point you will be halfway around your wreath.

14.Now swap to the other wire and do the same thing, using up the remaining 8 x 15mm beads.

15.Secure the wires by wrapping around a couple of times, but NOT cutting off the excess wire.

16.Now for the decoration! Get some evergreen foliage, lay it on the wreath and use the remaining wire to secure it on.

17.Once you are happy with the greenery, take the wire to the back of the wreath and twist them together to secure. Rather than snipping off all the excess wire, I left a short length which mean that after Christmas I can un-twist the wire, and take off the leaves leaving the wreath ready to add more on next year!

18.Tie on a length of twine to hang your wreath and you are done!

If you have a go at making your own Beaded Christmas Wreath, or have any questions feel free to comment below or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Making!

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