Dreaming of Scottish Mountains

Cairngorm mountain range in Scotland

The observant amongst you will have noticed the lack of blogging and twittering over the last few weeks. Well I spent two lovely weeks up in Scotland, staying in a cottage with my parents. I have been going to Scotland, and in particular The Cairngorms, for over 10 years now, and I love it! The range of landscapes, nature and attractions is amazing and it gets better every time I go. I will share more of my photographs over the new few weeks but thought I would share images of the biggest attraction in the area, the Cairngorm mountain range.

I will admit, I didn’t walk up the mountain! Mainly because my mum has serious back problems, so myself and my dad would have to send her off on her own whilst we went of walking, which kind of defeats the object of a family holiday. Luckily, Cairngorm has a funicular railway that takes you from the base station (at 635 metres above sea level) up to the top station (at 1097 metres) just below the summit.


We were really lucky with the weather as you can see, meaning the view from the top was amazing! Despite it being the beginning of May there was still snow on the mountain, a remnant of the winter ski season.


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