Silver Bead Earrings

Make these stylishly minimal silver bead earrings using a solid ring and metal beads. I was inspired by a lot of thorn and sharks tooth designs I have seen lately, and wanted to create something of a similar shape using beads.

DIY Silver Bead Earring Tutorial

This make involves a little, tiny, bit of a beadweaving technique called brick stitch. Normally when I use bead weaving its on larger scale beads, but I’m branching out and using 3mm beads! It is only a small section of beading, so nothing too daunting. Also, I’m using some purple beading thread and a needle in the photos purely to make it easier for you to see what I’m doing. I really recommend using a clear, monofilament thread to make these- its practically invisible and is much more stable. Read more

Gold Foil Cushion DIY

Make this luxe gold foil DIY cushion to brighten up your sofa! Its a lot easier to get this high-end look than you might think!

Gold Foil Cushion DIY Tutorial

If you are really clever, you could make your own cushion cover. I’m not that handy with a sewing machine, so I popped down to H&M homeware department.  I wanted my cushion to have plenty of texture, so I chose a woven,  100% cotton one. I’m going for a painterly brushstroke look with my design, but you could easily have more of a pattern, say spots or chevrons, just by changing how and where you apply the fabric glue. Read more

Seed Bead Chain Necklace

This seed bead chain necklace is a super simple and low cost way to create a statement piece of jewellery! And all you need are some large seed beads and thread.

DIY Seed Bead Chain Necklace Tutorial

Seed beads are one of those craft items that people often own, but never know what to do with! But seed beads are cheap, come in many different sizes and colours and so are a brilliant way to create some bold jewellery. This design is a variation on a bracelet that I teach as a workshop, but I fancied a necklace version! Read more

Wire Wrapping a Stone – Spiral Cage

How to wire wrap a stone using the simple spiral cage technique. If you have a pretty gemstone or piece of sea glass without a hole, but want to turn it into a necklace, this is the easiest way to do it!

Wire Wrapping a Stone - Spiral Cage Necklace

Quite a few people have asked me recently how to use stones without any drill holes in their jewellery making. Most ways involve wire and this spiral cage is the most straight-forward. All you need is some wire and your pliers! Read more

Beautiful Repair: Kintsugi, Sashiko and a Cat Scratched Sofa

Beautiful Repair: Kintsugi, Sashiko and a Cat Scratched Sofa

To me, making and repair go hand in hand. When something is handmade, you know the object has been sculpted, painted, forged, painted or hammered into existence by someone. It creates a history for things before they even fall into my ownership.  It also might not be perfect, without the cookie cutter duplication of mass production. It has personality, if you like. This same philosophy applies to repairing things. I suppose I come from a family of ‘fixers’, my Grandpa and Dad especially.

My sofa cover is in need of a repair, having suffered greatly at the claws of my cat Aston. Having finally persuaded him that the scratching post is a much better option, I now need to repair the damage. Read more

Wire Wrapped Ring DIY

A clean and simple wire wrapped ring, with a gorgeous Swarovski coin pearl bead as the main feature.

Wire Wrapped Pearl Ring

In my day job working at my local bead shop, I have had quite a few people ask me how to make wire wrapped rings. Most ways involve quite a bit of wire being on show, which is fine, but creates a reasonably chunky ring. Someone asked me if there was a way that resulted in a more dainty band and allowed the bead to be the star of the show. At the time, I couldn’t think of a single one! Never one to back down from a challenge, I set about coming up with how to a wire wrap a bead onto a simple ring band, and this was what I came up with. Read more

Trip to Belton House and Gardens

Last week I went a cheeky trip out with my family to Belton House and Gardens, a National Trust property near Grantham in Lincolnshire!

Belton House Gardens

The parkland is extensive, formal gardens and a mansion house to explore, along with the usual National Trust cafe, shop and kids play areas. We decided just to concentrate on the formal gardens as it was a gorgeous day (one of the rare few we seem to get in UK!) and promised to be the perfect time of year for flowering plants. Read more

Chain Fringe Necklace

Use up all those leftover lengths of chain with this simple stash-busting chain fringe necklace project!

Chain Fringe Necklace DIY Tutorial

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to end up with leftover supplies from my craft projects, including random ends of chain, as well as having old broken necklaces and tarnished chains that I intend on doing something with. This easy project will turn those leftover pieces of chain into a stylish necklace! Read more

Diamante Hair Pins

Get some serious sparkle in your life with these diamante hair pins!

Diamante Hair Pins DIY Tutorial

Whether its for a wedding, special occasion or just to got to the shops, sometimes you just need something that sparkles, and these diamante hair pins definitely do the job! Using Czech glass stones in metal settings, all you need is some wire and plain hair pins, no fancy wire techniques required, I promise.  Read more

Tribal Necklace

Make this stunning tribal style necklace, with Czech glass and vintage brass tubes.

Tribal Necklace DIY Tutorial

Sometimes the process of coming up with new blog tutorials isn’t straightforward. I often start with one one idea and end up with the final outcome being something else. Today’s tutorial is a case in point. I originally got some long oval wooden beads that I thought would be perfect for a tribal style necklace, but when I started putting the design together, I realised it looked like a beaded seat cover! Now I’m sure they are a boon to the taxi driver and long distance van drivers, but I don’t particularly want one around my neck. I still liked the actual design but had to rethink the beads. After looking all over the web for non-wooden oval beads and pretty much coming up blank, I realised I already had some vintage brass tubes I had bought ages ago but never used. And what is doubly great is that they  are still available to buy, hurrah! Which is how we ended up with this beauty of a necklace. Read more