Fluffy Pom Pom Bag / Key Charm

Fluffy Pom Pom Bag / Key Charm

Use wool roving to make a giant fluffy pom pom that can be made into a bag charm, key chain, a Christmas decoration or even for the top of your hat!

Giant fluffy  pompoms are everywhere right now, from jewellery to bags. Because I make and teach needle felting, I have lots of wool roving (or unspun wool) and realised it would make great pom poms! If you have a large pom pom maker feel free to use it, however the roving is so chunky you don’t really need it! Read more

Yarn Covered Clothes Hanger DIY

Update plain wire coat hangers with some pretty yarn and a simple half hitch knot.

Yarn Covered Clothes Hanger DIY

My Nana used to have a lovely collection of coat hangers with crochet covers- the material used was totally some totally hideous nylon stuff. But they did brighten up the wardrobe and helped to stop clothes from falling off. So when my knitwear kept sliding off and landing in a heap, I remembered these crochet covers and wanted to create something along the same lines, but a bit more contemporary. Enter some yarn and the good old half hitch knot; otherwise known as the friendship bracelet knot! I just used some plain steel wire coat hangers, but I have since seen some very lovely pastel covered ones in Tiger that might just find their way into my life. Or you even combining my Cloud Shaped Hanger DIY with this one. The possibilities! The yarn I’m using is a delightful recycled aran weight cotton from King Cole,  it has a wonderful texture and slight flecked look, but any cotton yarn or even cord would do nicely.  Read more

How to Needle Felt

What is Needle Felting? Its the technique of taking fluffy wool roving and stabbing it with a special barbed needle to create felted objects. It is similar to traditional wet felting were you felt wool using hot water and soap. Both methods tangle the loose wool fibres to make a solid felt fabric. Needle felting allows you create 3d shapes a lot easier and because there is no water involved, doesn’t need time to dry.

How to Needle Felt Read more

Tutorial – Christmas Sequin and Yarn Garland

Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial
For someone who doesn’t knit or crochet, I seem to have a lot of wool. So I’m always trying to come up with inventive ways of using up some of the yarn I have accumulated. This garland uses polystyrene balls covered in yarn and sequins to make a really different Christmas decoration.

You will need:
-Polystyrene balls. I used 4cm/1 1/2”
-Wool or yarn
– Bead and Sequin Pins
-Cutting Mat
-Awl or kebab skewer
-Long needle

Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

1. Secure the end of your yarn to the polystyrene ball using a bead or sequin pin. These are shorter (16mm) than standard dressmaking pins, so you do not risk the sharp end poking out.
2.Begin wrapping the yarn around the polystyrene ball. I find it easier to hold the yarn and move the ball rather than the other way around. I attempted to use a fluffy mohair yarn, but it was just to soft to grip the polystyrene- cheaper wool works better!
3.Make sure you cover the surface equally for even coverage.
4. Keep wrapping until you can’t see any white of the polystyrene.I found it took approx 8 metres of yarn for a 4cm ball. Secure the end with another pin and cut off the tail.

Making the hole
Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

5. Working on a cutting mat use an awl (a kebab skewer or large pointed needle also work) to poke a hole in the polystyrene.
6.Make sure you go all the way through
7.Using a needle, thread some yarn or twine through the hole. I made my own twisted needle from 0.6mm wire, but you can buy long, large eyed needles.
8. Knot either side of the ball to hold it in place. I spaced mine out about 5cm apart.

Decorating with sequins
Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

9. Use the bead and sequin pins to attach the sequins

Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

10.You can create lots of different pattern, like stripes

Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

11.Try using different types of sequins, placed at random, for a really lovely effect.

Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

12. You can even make star or snowflake patterns!

Christmas Yarn Ball Garland DIY Tutorial

You can hang the garland on your tree, as a mantelpiece swag or even use the same technique to create baubles and ornaments. Let me know if you use this tutorial to make your own yarn and sequin decorations, by commenting with a link or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook!