Beaded Light Pull

Upgrade your bathroom with this luxe gold leaf beaded light pull!

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

My bathroom light pull was looking a bit grubby and had a functional, but rather boring, silver end. Having recently repainted my bathroom, I wanted something a bit more fun and I had been itching to do something with these chunky wooden beads for ages! There isn’t a reason for the gold leaf, other than it looking pretty. Read more

Beaded Statement Collar Necklace

This Beaded Statement Collar Necklace uses wooden beads and thread to create a lightweight, dramatic piece of jewellery, perfect for adding a splash of colour to any outfit!

beaded statement collar necklace DIY

Everyone loved last Statement Summer Necklace so much that it is still one of my most visited post and has even  been turned into a workshop! So I wanted to have a go at a contemporary take on another traditionally small  beadweaving technique, this time it is netting! Netting is an ancient form of beadwork; the Egyptians used the technique to create shawls and even dresses! Read more

Statement Summer Necklace DIY

Get ready for summer with this beaded necklace, using colourful wood and thread.summer statement necklace DIY

We have been having some very lovely early spring weather here in the UK, which has made me want to make some bright, summery jewellery! I came across these turquoise colour wooden beads and knew I had to have them! And paired with this coral thread, it just screams summer! Read more

Christmas Beaded Star Decorations

Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
These simple, rustic star decorations use wooden beads and some wire. You can even add some glitter for extra Christmas sparkle.
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
You will need-
-25 round wooden beads. I’m using 6mm ones, but you can use any size.
-0.4mm wire
-wire cutters
Optional –
-Washi Tape. Helps hold the wire in place.
-Glitter glue. Well, it is Christmas.
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
1. Cut a 50cm length of wire. Thread on 10 beads, leaving a 10cm tail (you can use some tape to hold this bit of wire down and stop the bead coming off!)
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
2. Pick up the longer end of wire and thread it through the first bead you added, which will be the one at the shorter end of wire.
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
3.Pull the wires tightly to form a circle.
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
4. Thread 3 beads onto the longer end of wire, find the bead that this wire come out off, skip the next bead along and thread through the next. Gently pull the wire until the 3 beads make a point on the outside of the circle.
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
5. Repeat step 4 until you have five points. Both wires will now be coming out of the same bead, just on different sides.
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
6.You can just hang your star like this, but I prefer having the wires coming out of a point. To do this thread the short end of wire through the beads again to the nearest point. For the longer end, thread it round through the inner circle again and up the other side of the same point as the other end.
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial
You can then add glitter or ribbons, or use larger 8mm beads. Let me know if you make your own Beaded Star Decorations by commenting with a link or message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook! Happy Christmas crafting!
Christmas Beaded Stars Ornaments Tutorial