Tutorial – Tassel Bag Charm

Tassel Bag Charm Tutorial
Make this summery, ombré bag charm using embroidery thread!

Tassel Bag Charm Tutorial

You will need:
-Embroidery thread
-Keyring/25mm Split Ring

Tassel Bag Charm Step 1
1.Cut each skein of embroidery thread in half. If you want to have the wrapped section of the tassel in one of these colours reserve a 50cm length before cutting.
2.Take one half of each colour (you can use the remaining thread to make another charm!)
3.Take the embroidery thread through the keying.

Tassel Bag Charm Step 2
4.Pick up the reserved piece of thread (I’m using a length of cream thread I had in my stash)
5.Holding one end in your hand begin to wrap the long end around the tassel towards the key-ring
6. Keep wrapping until you are happy with how it looks.
7. Tie a reef knot (you can see my tutorial on how to make a reef knot here)

Tassel Bag Charm Step 3
8.You could just put a spot of glue in the knot to finish, but to hide the knot, thread the long end (that you just wrapped) onto a large eyed needle
9.Gently pull the thread until the knot slips under the wrapped section
10.You should now have the threads coming out at opposite ends of the wrapped section, cut these off as close as you can. Trim the tassel to neaten the ends.

You can add to you favourite summer bag or use it as a key-ring!

Tassel Bag Charm TutorialTassel Bag Charm Tutorial