Fluffy Pom Pom Bag / Key Charm

Fluffy Pom Pom Bag / Key Charm

Use wool roving to make a giant fluffy pom pom that can be made into a bag charm, key chain, a Christmas decoration or even for the top of your hat!

Giant fluffy ┬ápompoms are everywhere right now, from jewellery to bags. Because I make and teach needle felting, I have lots of wool roving (or unspun wool) and realised it would make great pom poms! If you have a large pom pom maker feel free to use it, however the roving is so chunky you don’t really need it! Read more

How to Needle Felt

What is Needle Felting? Its the technique of taking fluffy wool roving and stabbing it with a special barbed needle to create felted objects. It is similar to traditional wet felting were you felt wool using hot water and soap. Both methods tangle the loose wool fibres to make a solid felt fabric. Needle felting allows you create 3d shapes a lot easier and because there is no water involved, doesn’t need time to dry.

How to Needle Felt Read more