Wire Monogram Necklace DIY

Wire Monogram Necklace DIY

Everyone loves an initial necklace, right? Grab your pliers and the template and make your own wire monogram necklace!

I have used a lovely free opensource font called Made Likes Script as the basis for my alphabet, adding loops at the beginning and end. I haven’t added any arrows to the letters to show how to form them because it made them look far more complicated than they actually are! Move the wire just as you would if writing with pen and paper.

All the letters start in the same way; with a round loop. Depending on the letter, this will be the loop at the top or top left of the letter. We will then end the wire at the bottom or bottom right, ending in another loop.

If you are new to working with wire, I would recommend having a few practice runs first – wire doesn’t always do what you want it to! Also bear in mind that some wires can be quite soft and easy to bend and others quite tough to manipulate. Look for wire that is meant for craft and jewellery or that is referred to as ‘soft’.  Read more