Air Dry Clay Wall Planter

Use Air Dry Clay to make a geometric wall planter, finish with a combination of chalk and gloss paint.

Air Dry Clay Wall Planter DIY

You may have noticed from some of the Creative Places posts on here that I like visiting gardens and seeing plants in nature, but here is the thing. I’m not very good at keeping house plants. Mainly because my cats like to chew ALL plants (which does neither the plants or cats any good) or I over water them. So I decided to create a planter that would be out of reach of felines as well as choosing a plant that was uninteresting to them. (I have previously tried spider plants and the dangling long leaves were too big of an attraction!) So I hopped on the succulent bandwagon and set about creating a wall planter to house them! Read more

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Harlow Carr Garden

Harlow Carr Garden

Wander around RHS Gardens at Harlow Carr, near Harrogate in Yorkshire

Pretty flowers, craft and afternoon tea.
I am not the most green-fingered of people. My Dad has even been known to remove house plants from my possession for their safety! But I love being out in gardens and taking photographs of the plants and flowers. Nature has always been a big inspiration in my creative life and I would always choose going for a walk in the country over going to the gym. So when I was visiting my parents in Yorkshire, we went Harlow Carr, an RHS garden near Harrogate. Read more

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