Painted Edge Notepad DIY

Painted Edge Notepad DIY

You can never have enough notepads. Even now we have smart phones, iPads and Google home at the ready, sometimes you just need good old fashioned notepad and pen.  This fun and simple notepad DIY project is so simple and can be made in whatever colours you fancy!

I’m using paint pens and markers here rather than normal paint from a tube for a couple of reasons. One; for the paint doesn’t bleed into the pages, creating a neater finish and two; it’s easier than mixing paint and water to the right ‘flicking’ consistency!

I’m also slightly obsessed with the pastel colour Bic Cristal Fun pens at the moment, and I *may* have chosen the green paint to match the green pen. Ahem. (Not an ad, I just love them!)

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Ombré Plant Markers

Make these cute ombré plant labels for your garden

Ombre Plant Markers DIY Tutorial

I live just outside Nottingham city centre, near a busy main road. I don’t have proper garden, just small front and back yards. I let the front grow wild, a small beech tree self seeded a few years ago and there are what most people would call weeds growing in between the paving slabs. But these ‘weeds’ are always buzzing with insects this time of year. The back is a courtyard really, but has lovely purple slate on the ground and a white washed brick outhouse running along the back. I have filled it with pot and planters around the edges. It is tiny, overlooked and has the constant sounds of the urban world close by, but is my little oasis. I love getting out into the countryside or even just my local park, but having my own space right out of the back door feels like such a luxury.

When I heard The Wildlife Trust was planning on a month of activities during June called 30 Days Wild, to encourage people to get out do something wild every day, I immediately signed up. I may not manage every day, but I’m going to try! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to find out what wild things I get up to with the hashtag #30DaysWild. And to kick off, I’m getting out into my tiny urban back yard and making markers for some insect friendly plants! Read more

DIY Glitter Earrings

Brighten up your day with these glitter earrings, made from shrink plastic and nail varnish!

Glitter Varnish Earrings

I don’t often paint my nails because with all the jewellery and crafting I do, a nice manicure doesn’t last more than half a day! But I still have some lovely colours of nail polish that I want to use, so why not on some jewellery? You can make any shape from the shrink plastic, but who doesn’t love a triangle? Read more

DIY Watermelon Print Bag

This fun watermelon print DIY tote bag is perfect for taking to the beach or park on sunny days.

DIY Watermelon Print Bag Tutorial

I am still loving the watermelon trend, it just shouts summer doesn’t it? I have been dying to make a easy print tutorial for a while and watermelon is an easy shape to make a stamp for. This DIY is super simple and requires no special painting skills or expensive equipment. Read more

Decorated Tin Cans

Decorated Tin Can

I have been using some empty tin cans as storage for pens and paintbrushes for a while, with the intention of decorating them . But they have been sitting on my desk in their bare metal state for far too long!

You will need-
-Empty, clean and dry tin cans
-Spray Paint. I’m using Plasti-kote Fast Dry Enamel in Sky Blue
-Washi Tape. I’m using the Retro Check 15mm one from the Riverbank Rebels range at Trimcraft.
-Newspaper (to paint on)

Decorated Tin Can

1.Remove any labels from your tin can and wash in hot soapy water. Try to remove any glue (you can also use nail varnish remover or white spirit to get rid of any stubborn  bits). Leave to dry.

2. Lay out newspaper in a ventilated area, or outside and shake your paint to mix it. Spray in 2 or 3 light coats. I used a scrunched up roll of newspaper to hold my can as I painted it too!

3.Once dry, attach your washi tape or ribbon to decorate!

Decorated Tin Can

Decorated Tin Can

You don’t have to go bright and colourful; why not try something in pale cream with a crochet effect tape?

Watercolour Paper Flowers

Watercolour Paper Flowers

Learn how to make a beautiful paper flowers with this tutorial/DIY

watercolour paper flower tutorial

I love plants and flowers, but so do my two cats. So much so that they chew them, which is good for neither the plant or the cats! So faux flowers are a much better option for me, and these DIY hand painted paper flowers are surprisingly simple to make and last much much longer than their real-life counterparts.
I’m not sure what flower this is trying to be, part anemone, part rose maybe? You could be more realistic, but I chose to go with something more fantastical!

You will need :

watercolour paper flower tutorial

-Paper; basic computer paper will do, but a thicker drawing or cartridge is even better
-Wire; plastic coated garden wire is great
-Cutters; to cut the wire
-Paints; watercolours, acrylics, even soluble pencils will do!
-Glue gun
-Floral Tape; a stretchy florists tape to cover the wire
-Paintbrush and water container

1. To make the petals, I used my hands to create 7 petal shapes (a bit like balloons!) by ripping the paper. You could use scissors, but I like the ripped effect. Don’t worry that they aren’t all the same shape or size, this actually helps create a more natural looking flower. For the centre of the flower make a rectangle approx 10cm long and as tall as your smallest petal. Make a series of little rips all along to create a fringe.

2.Wet the petal with plain water then apply one colour to the top, rounded edge and another, complementary colour toward the bottom and blend the two together. Repeat for the other petals

3. Do the same for the fringed centre, adding a darker or even black colour to the edges of the fringe.

4. Once touch dry, spatter a darker colour of paint on the petals and centre using your paintbrush or a toothbrush.

watercolour paper flower tutorial

5.Once completely dry, its time to assemble your flower! Cut a 30cm length of wire and fold over one end by a couple of cm and glue this to the bottom (non-fringed) centre strip. Fold the first ‘fringe’ over and glue.

6.Roll the centre strip around the wire, gluing a couple of times to secure.

7. Add some glue to the base of your smallest petal, and stick to the rolled up fringe. Glue another petal on, over-lapping the previous one slightly. Work your way around adding petals, working up to the largest.

8. Once all the petals are attached, start attaching the floral tape from the base of the flower down the stem. This stretchy tape comes in green and white and is available from craft and cake decorating shops. Strangely, it only seems to stick to itself, which makes it a bit tricky to get it started, so use a bit of glue if needed. (If you can’t get hold of floral tape, strips of crepe paper and some PVA glue also work. The tape is just less messy!)

watercolour paper flower tutorial

9. Curl the petals backwards to open out the flower and there you have it, a gorgeous flower that doesn’t need watering!

watercolour paper flower tutorial

watercolour paper flower tutorial

Painted Watercolour Paper Flower Tutorial DIY