Nottingham Trent Degree Shows 2013

Nottingham Trent Degree Shows 2013
I try to get to see the Art and Design degree shows at NTU each year, although I find myself being drawn more to the Textiles and Decorative Arts than the Fine Art which I studied there.
Here is just a small selection of the wonderful pieces on display
1.Rachel Cartledge;  Decorative Arts, 2.Roxanne Chu; Decorative Arts, 3.Kara-Bella Thatcher; Decorative Arts, 4. Stefanie Zheng; Decorative Arts, 5. Sabrina Monaghan; Textile Design, 6.Helen Edith Pritchard; Decorative Arts, 7. Ruth Cattermole; Graphic Design, 8.Martin Devine; Decorative Arts, 9. Ruoyo Zeng; Decorative Arts
The public views run until Sunday 9th June 2013. For more information go to
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