Needle Felt Cactus

Needle Felt Cactus

If, like me,  you struggle to successfully grow house plants, how about making a needle felt cactus? I have given up trying to grow houseplants; the cats chew any bits they can get hold of, my house doesn’t get enough light and I am crap at remembering to water them. So, I’m concentrating on making artificial versions instead!

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How to Needle Felt

What is Needle Felting? Its the technique of taking fluffy wool roving and stabbing it with a special barbed needle to create felted objects. It is similar to traditional wet felting were you felt wool using hot water and soap. Both methods tangle the loose wool fibres to make a solid felt fabric. Needle felting allows you create 3d shapes a lot easier and because there is no water involved, doesn’t need time to dry.

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Needle Felted Birds

Needle Felted Garden Birds

I always try to give my parents something I’ve handmade at Christmas, sometimes it will be individual presents or a joint gift. I went for thelatter this Christmas and made them a set of needle felted garden birds decorations! They are lucky to live on the edge of a small town in Yorkshire, right by a park which leads onto the countryside so they get a lot of birds in their garden. I have made some needle felted birds before and have even taught workshops to make them, so its seemed about time they had a set.
I decided to create a bullfinch, a blue tit, a greenfinch and a goldfinch; all birds that have visited my parents garden. I am super happy with how they turned out! I even took the opportunity to photograph them in their natural habitat so to speak!

Needle Felted Garden Bird BullfinchNeedle Felted Garden Bird GreenfinchNeedle Felted Garden Bird Blue TitNeedle Felted Garden Bird Goldfinch