When Make and Fable went to Blogtacular!

Bloggers by the nature of their work, tend to be insular souls, tapping away on laptops in their homes with only the cat to talk to. So gather a whole gaggle of creative bloggers in a venue in central London and the decibel levels rise.

Blogtacular 2016

Blogtacular! Is something I have wanted to attend for a couple of years now. At first I wasn’t sure I could justify the expense, then I was away on holiday, but the third time? I made a decision I was going.There is a Blogtacular Twitter chat every Wednesday night at 9pm GMT. As Twitter chats go, it’s pretty damn awesome:well organised, friendly and actually useful. I always come away from a chat feeling positive and like I belonged, so thought surely the conference would be the same,  but on steroids. Read more

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