Mobius Knot Jewellery

This simple but effective necklace and earring set is based on a the chainmaille technique of the mobius knot. Jump rings are linked together to look like a knot or rosette.

mobius knot jewellery diy-3


The mobius knot is a simple (if slightly fiddly) technique using jump rings connected together to make a knot or rose type design. Two points to mention 1. if you don’t know how to open and close jump rings pop on over to my tutorial to learn 2. Jump rings from different suppliers might not work in the same way, due to the terribly complex sounding ‘aspect ratio’. All this means is that jump rings can be made from different thicknesses, or gauges’ of wire, even if they are the same outer diameter.  Its not a problem, you just may have to add another or take away a ring if the design isn’t sitting nicely.

The mobius ring is based on the mathematical Mobius Strip –“a one-sided surface that is constructed from a rectangle by holding one end fixed, rotating the opposite end through 180 degrees, and joining it to the first end” , or for the non-mathematical of us, its a bit like when a magician links solid rings together! Read more

Josephine Knot Bookmark/Bracelet

Josephine Knot Bookmark/Bracelet

This tutorial uses a knot known by many names; Josephine, Double Coin/Prosperity and Carrick Bend. It creates a decorative strip that can be easily finished into a bracelet or bookmark depending on your fancy.

Josephine Knot Macrame Bookmark Tutorial
Its takes a couple of goes before the knot makes sense and its one that while not complicated, takes patience to get right. Although you can use any cord to do this, I would recommend a minimum of 2mm the first time you try as it makes it simpler to learn. 

Josephine Knot Macrame Bookmark TutorialStill with me? Ok, lets try doing another, this time starting on the right side (which creates a flatter form that doesn’t want to twist

Josephine Knot Macrame Bookmark Tutorial
PS, I’m using a piece of foamboard as a base, with pins to hold the top (and other parts of the knot if needed) in place, but you can use a foam macrame board, clipboard or just tape it down on your work surface.

Tutorial–Reef Knot

Tutorial–Reef Knot
I mentioned using the Reef Knot in my Square Sliding Knot tutorial and thought I should probably do a little post on that too!

1 The Reef Knot is great for securing two pieces of equal thickness cord together
2.Take the right hand (shown here in red) cord and wrap it around the left (here blue) once.
3.Make another loop, this time taking the left cord around the right.
4.Start pulling the knot together
5.Make sure your knot is looking like this picture before completely tightening
6.Your knot is done!