Painted Edge Notepad DIY

Painted Edge Notepad DIY

You can never have enough notepads. Even now we have smart phones, iPads and Google home at the ready, sometimes you just need good old fashioned notepad and pen.  This fun and simple notepad DIY project is so simple and can be made in whatever colours you fancy!

I’m using paint pens and markers here rather than normal paint from a tube for a couple of reasons. One; for the paint doesn’t bleed into the pages, creating a neater finish and two; it’s easier than mixing paint and water to the right ‘flicking’ consistency!

I’m also slightly obsessed with the pastel colour Bic Cristal Fun pens at the moment, and I *may* have chosen the green paint to match the green pen. Ahem. (Not an ad, I just love them!)

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Yarn Covered Clothes Hanger DIY

Update plain wire coat hangers with some pretty yarn and a simple half hitch knot.

Yarn Covered Clothes Hanger DIY

My Nana used to have a lovely collection of coat hangers with crochet covers- the material used was totally some totally hideous nylon stuff. But they did brighten up the wardrobe and helped to stop clothes from falling off. So when my knitwear kept sliding off and landing in a heap, I remembered these crochet covers and wanted to create something along the same lines, but a bit more contemporary. Enter some yarn and the good old half hitch knot; otherwise known as the friendship bracelet knot! I just used some plain steel wire coat hangers, but I have since seen some very lovely pastel covered ones in Tiger that might just find their way into my life. Or you even combining my Cloud Shaped Hanger DIY with this one. The possibilities! The yarn I’m using is a delightful recycled aran weight cotton from King Cole,  it has a wonderful texture and slight flecked look, but any cotton yarn or even cord would do nicely.  Read more

Air Dry Clay Wall Planter

Use Air Dry Clay to make a geometric wall planter, finish with a combination of chalk and gloss paint.

Air Dry Clay Wall Planter DIY

You may have noticed from some of the Creative Places posts on here that I like visiting gardens and seeing plants in nature, but here is the thing. I’m not very good at keeping house plants. Mainly because my cats like to chew ALL plants (which does neither the plants or cats any good) or I over water them. So I decided to create a planter that would be out of reach of felines as well as choosing a plant that was uninteresting to them. (I have previously tried spider plants and the dangling long leaves were too big of an attraction!) So I hopped on the succulent bandwagon and set about creating a wall planter to house them! Read more

Beaded Light Pull

Upgrade your bathroom with this luxe gold leaf beaded light pull!

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

My bathroom light pull was looking a bit grubby and had a functional, but rather boring, silver end. Having recently repainted my bathroom, I wanted something a bit more fun and I had been itching to do something with these chunky wooden beads for ages! There isn’t a reason for the gold leaf, other than it looking pretty. Read more

Tutorial – Gilded Glass Dish

Upcycle a cut glass trinket dish with gold pen and white spray paint, perfect for keeping everything from your keys and jewellery!

Painted Gilded Glass Dish

I was getting fed up of just throwing my keys on the side when I came in the door and decided I needed to create something! Having seen some DIY’s involving painting glass vases, I had been wondering what I could find in my local charity shops that I could upcycle and found this lovely (if slightly chipped) cut dish. I am not sure what its original purpose was, but I am fairly sure my Nana had something similar with potpourri in! Read more

DIY Watermelon Print Bag

This fun watermelon print DIY tote bag is perfect for taking to the beach or park on sunny days.

DIY Watermelon Print Bag Tutorial

I am still loving the watermelon trend, it just shouts summer doesn’t it? I have been dying to make a easy print tutorial for a while and watermelon is an easy shape to make a stamp for. This DIY is super simple and requires no special painting skills or expensive equipment. Read more

Tutorial – Faux Ceramic Drawer Pulls

Get the look of ceramic drawer pulls with this low cost DIY!

Faux Ceramic Drawer Pulls DIY Tutorial

I have been coveting all the beautiful painted porcelain and ceramic drawer pulls and knobs that are around at places like Anthropologie. I wanted to update an old Ikea unit with some, but having 8 drawers, it was going to cost me nearly £50! Eeeps. So I  came up with this DIY version for less than £8! Read more