A Center Parcs Holiday when you don’t have kids

A Center Parcs Holiday when you don’t have kids

Foreign holidays are great, you get to experience different cultures, see beautiful places and soak up the sun. But we could all do without the early morning car journeys, hanging around in airports for hours and trying to get the luggage within the weight allowance. Center Parcs might be great for young families, but it is also a perfect getaway for grown-ups that want a relaxing short break without the hassle of airport travel. Read more

12 Stylish Halloween DIY Ideas

12 Stylish Halloween DIY Ideas

A roundup of of some easy but stylish Halloween DIY ideas and crafts from accessories, decorations to cakes and cocktails! The garish ,blood-spattered, neon coloured style of most Halloween decorations is just not my thing. I love a good horror film, so its not that I’m squeamish or dislike Halloween for religious reasons, I just don’t feel it. But that doesn’t mean I want to miss out the celebrations altogether. If anything, Halloween is an excellent distraction from the fact the clocks go back and the days start getting really short and the weather gray. So here is my roundup of some of the more elegant Halloween DIY Ideas from craft and design bloggers. Read more

Visiting North Norfolk

Visiting North Norfolk

North Norfolk is a place of coastline, market towns and wide open landscapes. Its is only a couple of hours from Nottingham, so makes a perfect few days getaway location. We stayed at a small self catering cottage attached to the owners own home on the outskirts of North Runcton near King Lynn in north Norfolk. It was peaceful, quiet and who can resist some pretty bunting?

Day 1

We headed into Kings Lynn, somewhere we had only ever been through and never explored, and I was pleasantly surprised! The old town near the docks are a maze of historic buildings, that from the old quayside to market town to the Minster. It seems incompletely at odds with the newer half of the town near the bus station.

After a quick lunch, we got back in the car and drove out to Snettisham Deer Park. They have something quite unique- a deer safari! Not quite the Serengeti, but you are driven through gorgeous fields until you enter the paddock of native red deer. They drive around the small lake and the deer actually swim through water to get to the food we have all been given by the highly entertaining guide. Deer slobber. A lot. A thorough wash, not only of hands, but of feet and legs were required afterwards, but they were surprisingly gentle for such large beasts. They also have a barn with animals in, with lamb bottle feeding for the kids and some of the fluffiest sheep I have ever seen. We finished off the day with a visit to Snettisham beach, which is more pebble than sand, but lovely none the less.

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Barbed Wire Earrings

I’ll admit, I’m not normally one for over-the-top Halloween costumes. But I do like a little bit of something that acknowledges the season without screaming about it. These Barbed Wire Earrings are a quick DIY that uses basic jewellery making skills.

DIY Barbed Wire EarringsYou Will Need –

-0.6mm wire


-Fishhook Earrings

-A chunky needle (like a darning or knitters needle) approx 1.2mm thick

-Chain nose, Round nose and Side cutter pliers

DIY Barbed Wire Earrings Tutorial

How to:

1.Cut a 10cm length of wire, and holding the short end, begin tightly coiling around the needle (You could also use a piece of 1.2mm wire).

2. Continue until there are 5 complete coils around the needle. Try to get the ends to be on opposite sides of the needle.

3. If the coils aren’t sitting next to one another, use the chain nose pliers to gently squeeze them together.

4.Remove the coil from the needle and trim the ends to about 5mm long.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have 3 in total.

DIY Barbed Wire Earrings

6. Thread onto a headpin. (If you used something larger than the end of the headpin to create the coils, pop a small bead on the end)

7. Take your round nose pliers and grip the headpin.

8. Bend the wire a right angle bend away from yourself.

9.Adjust your pliers so the jaws are on top of one another and bring the wire over the top of the pliers towards you.

10.Adjust your pliers so the jaw wit the wire in on the bottom and continue to bend the wire down and away from you until you have made a complete loop. Change to chain nose pliers.

11. Gripping the loop tightly with your chain nose pliers, wrap the tail of the headpin wire around the stem, until it meets the barbed wire coils.

12. Twist open the loop on one of your fishhook earrings and hook the barbed wire section on. Do the same for the other earring!

DIY Barbed Wire Earrings

I only chose copper because I thought it would show up well on the photographs, but I actually really like the mixed metal effect! You could even use coloured wire for a cool look. I would love to see photos if you make a pair of these earrings, so let me know by commenting below or on  Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Happy Making!

DIY Barbed Wire Earrings


DIY Barbed Wire Earrings