New Geometric Silver Jewellery Range

New Geometric Silver Jewellery Range

My new range of Geometric Silver Jewellery is now in my Etsy shop! I still have more designs to come, but I am over the moon at how the collection is shaping (pun intended!) up so far.

There is something incredibly visually pleasing about geometric shapes; the way triangles combine to make other geometric shapes, the way hexagons tessellate. Its hilarious considering maths is possibly my weakest subject. I always joke that my brain makes a noise similar to an old fashioned dial-up modem when faced with a mathematical problem! Read more

Faux Marquetry Wood Bookmark

Faux Marquetry Wood Bookmark

Create a wood bookmark with this faux marquetry effect in a geometric design!

When the weather is cold and rainy, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa under a blanket, with a cup of tea and a good book. But I have to make a confession; I’m a page folder. Yep, at some point in my life stopped using proper bookmarks (possibly after losing one too many) and began to fold over the corner of the page. After a couple of friends recoiled in horror at learning this, I started looking for DIY bookmark ideas. This search somehow merged with looking at marquetry, the technique of using wood veneer inlaid to create patterns. There are some amazing designers making contemporary marquetry, check out my Pinterest board!

I’m using adhesive backed thin wood veneer sheets, yep, real wood! The wood seems to grip the book pages, so the bookmark doesn’t fall out. If you can’t get hold of these wood sheets, you can just use printed wood effect papers from the craft shop. Read more

Air Dry Clay Wall Planter

Use Air Dry Clay to make a geometric wall planter, finish with a combination of chalk and gloss paint.

Air Dry Clay Wall Planter DIY

You may have noticed from some of the Creative Places posts on here that I like visiting gardens and seeing plants in nature, but here is the thing. I’m not very good at keeping house plants. Mainly because my cats like to chew ALL plants (which does neither the plants or cats any good) or I over water them. So I decided to create a planter that would be out of reach of felines as well as choosing a plant that was uninteresting to them. (I have previously tried spider plants and the dangling long leaves were too big of an attraction!) So I hopped on the succulent bandwagon and set about creating a wall planter to house them! Read more

Bugle Bead Earrings

This clever design uses bugle beads and seed beads and is a lot simpler than it looks!

Bugle bead earrings DIY Tutorial



Bugle beads really lend themselves to bold, geometric shapes, and originally I was going with something triangular, but it evolved into this diamond, almost art deco style shape. You can substitute the size 10 seed beads with size 11, but they do produce a squarer shape. Read more

Sunburst Embroidered Notebook

Sunburst Embroidered Notebook

Take a plain old notebook, some embroidery thread and with some simple stitches create a unique design!

I had seen a lot of sunburst style mirrors around (like this one from The Forest & Co) and I really love the shape, but wanted to use it for something a bit different. Now I’m also obsessed with notebooks. I have sketchbooks, ones for business planning, for recording how I make my jewellery and ones for blog post ideas. I can never get enough. We hadn’t had any stitchy tutorials for a while so we ended up with a sunburst embroidered notebook! Read more

Tutorial – Geometric Mouse Mat DIY

My old mouse mat have seen better days. The edges were frayed, the colour faded and it was a plain boring mat to begin with. So I decided to make my own! Be the envy of your house guests and no one will ever suspect that this geometric mouse mat was so easy and cheap to create!

DIY Geometric Mouse Mat Tutorial


You will need;
– A plain, single colour mouse mat with a fabric top
-Metallic paint marker/fabric pen
-Soft pencil
-A4 piece of paper

DIY Geometric Mouse Mat Tutorial

1. Cut your piece of paper to the size of your mouse mat. Sketch out the shape you want the mat to be on the paper- this can be a regular shape or an irregular one like mine! Cut the paper to size and trace around the paper onto the mat with a soft pencil and cut out.

DIY Geometric Mouse Mat TutorialDIY Geometric Mouse Mat Tutorial

2. Looking much better than the original mouse mat already! Now we are going to add the lines. Essentially these are going to make it look like a cut, or faceted gemstone. Again these can match the http://www.cpad.org/index.php/flagyl-500mg-online-order/ outline or be slightly more irregular.

DIY Geometric Mouse Mat Tutorial

4. Now you just need to go over the pencil with the marker pen (I’m using a Uni Paint marker in gold). I found I needed to go over the lines a second time to get the lines as bold as I wanted.

DIY Geometric Mouse Mat Tutorial

5. And thats it! Enjoy 🙂

Black and Gold Geometric Mouse Mat DIY Tutorial


DIY Geometric Mouse Mat Tutorial

Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations

Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations
Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations DIY

For the last few months I been obsessed with the himmeli style decorations that have been all over Pinterest. Himmeli decorations seem to have originated from Finland, where they threaded string through straw in elaborate geometric patterns to hang above the Christmas dining table. This was meant to ensure that the next years rye crop would be plentiful. It also seems to be popular in other European countries such as Lithuania.

This is my own take on himmeli; perfect to decorate the garden for a summer barbecue!  I decided to mix my geometric and floral trends, mixing floral patterned straws from The Party Ship on Etsy with the geometric diamond shape of himmeli. There are so many types of patterned straws available, that the opportunities are endless. Read more