DIY Pin Banner

DIY Pin Banner

Create a no sew DIY pin banner to display all of your enamel pins, badges and brooches!

This clever design involves cutting two tabs at the top that are fed through slits to hold them in place. This creates a channel for a length of wooden dowel to go through. The thick felt holds its shape and doesn’t even need any glue!

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“Heart Felt” Coasters

“Heart Felt” Coasters

Make something you can both use all year round this Valentines with my simple embroidered felt coaster!

Heart Felt Coaster Tutorial

Heart Felt Coaster Tutorial

You will need :

-Heart Template (or freehand your own!)

Click to download FREE heart template!


-Two pieces of felt  (I went with white for the background and red for the top)

-Embroidery thread/floss (I went for a contrasting purple but white white would have worked well for a cleaner, more Nordic look)
-A piece of paper, scissors, a ruler and an embroidery needle

*Don’t know how to do the stitches mentioned below? Don’t panic! For embroidery basics including the running stitch, pop over to Wild Olive, its awesome. And for the blanket stitch, Futuregirl has a really good step by step!

Step by Step:

1. Cut out your two pieces of felt to 12cm square. Now depending on your felt it may want to stretch when you start cutting the heart out so add at least an extra 1cm on each side to allow for this!

2.Choose which colour will be on top and will have the heart shape cut out. You can draw a freehand heart shape on paper or download my free template here!

3.Cut out the heart and pin it onto the centre of the felt. Carefully cut around the paper heart.

4.Thread the needle with your embroidery thread and sew a simple running stitch around the heart.

5.Check that the felt is still square and trim if needed.

6.Place the felt with the heart cut-out on top of the other piece and pin them together.

7.Sew a blanket stitch around the edges.

Ok, I didn’t come up with the amazingly pun-tastic title for this project, Hannah at The Beetroot Tree Gallery did (thanks Hannah!)