Marbled Earring DIY

Marbled Earring DIY

Use plain copper charms and old nail varnish to make this marbled earring DIY. A perfect summer jewellery project!

Jewellery blanks like these copper teardrops have so many possibilities! You can paint them, hammer them, draw on them with Sharpies, glue diamantes on them, use resin or low melt enamels on them. Endless options! Please tell me that I’m not the only one to have lots of old nail varnish laying around. And why I bought green I have no idea!  Read more

Chain Earrings DIY

Chain Earrings DIY

A quick and easy tutorial this week with this beads and chain earrings DIY!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a project that I can get my teeth into, but sometimes, simple is the best way to go. A perfect beginner project, all you need for this is chain, jump rings, beads and some loop stud earrings! If you are unsure about how to use jump rings or have had trouble getting them to close neatly, pop on over to this tutorial first. Read more

Wire Pumpkin Earrings DIY

Wire Pumpkin Earrings DIY

Make these fun wire pumpkin earrings, the perfect speedy Halloween DIY!

So I have a confession. I don’t like pumpkins, to eat that is- the only bit I like is the seeds. Many of you, especially my American friends, are probably reeling in shock and horror at this and for that I apologise. However, I love the look and shape of them and all the cute heritage varieties that you can get now are wonderful. This DIY was inspired by a wire pumpkin table decoration I saw on Pinterest and I thought I could downsize and  make earrings! And the best bit is you don’t need loads of different materials and tools to do it! Read more

Silver Bead Earrings

Make these stylishly minimal silver bead earrings using a solid ring and metal beads. I was inspired by a lot of thorn and sharks tooth designs I have seen lately, and wanted to create something of a similar shape using beads.

DIY Silver Bead Earring Tutorial

This make involves a little, tiny, bit of a beadweaving technique called brick stitch. Normally when I use bead weaving its on larger scale beads, but I’m branching out and using 3mm beads! It is only a small section of beading, so nothing too daunting. Also, I’m using some purple beading thread and a needle in the photos purely to make it easier for you to see what I’m doing. I really recommend using a clear, monofilament thread to make these- its practically invisible and is much more stable. Read more

Mobius Knot Jewellery

This simple but effective necklace and earring set is based on a the chainmaille technique of the mobius knot. Jump rings are linked together to look like a knot or rosette.

mobius knot jewellery diy-3


The mobius knot is a simple (if slightly fiddly) technique using jump rings connected together to make a knot or rose type design. Two points to mention 1. if you don’t know how to open and close jump rings pop on over to my tutorial to learn 2. Jump rings from different suppliers might not work in the same way, due to the terribly complex sounding ‘aspect ratio’. All this means is that jump rings can be made from different thicknesses, or gauges’ of wire, even if they are the same outer diameter.  Its not a problem, you just may have to add another or take away a ring if the design isn’t sitting nicely.

The mobius ring is based on the mathematical Mobius Strip –“a one-sided surface that is constructed from a rectangle by holding one end fixed, rotating the opposite end through 180 degrees, and joining it to the first end” , or for the non-mathematical of us, its a bit like when a magician links solid rings together! Read more

Bugle Bead Earrings

This clever design uses bugle beads and seed beads and is a lot simpler than it looks!

Bugle bead earrings DIY Tutorial



Bugle beads really lend themselves to bold, geometric shapes, and originally I was going with something triangular, but it evolved into this diamond, almost art deco style shape. You can substitute the size 10 seed beads with size 11, but they do produce a squarer shape. Read more

DIY Pearl Stud Earrings

These DIY Pearl Stud Earrings are so simple to make, and only require beads and some wire!

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings-1

Pearl Studs never go out of fashion. Making your own normally requires gluing special half drilled pearls and stud fittings with a cup base and pin together. But with this easy tutorial, you can use any pearl beads and just some basic plated wire. Read more