Tribal Necklace

Make this stunning tribal style necklace, with Czech glass and vintage brass tubes.

Tribal Necklace DIY Tutorial

Sometimes the process of coming up with new blog tutorials isn’t straightforward. I often start with one one idea and end up with the final outcome being something else. Today’s tutorial is a case in point. I originally got some long oval wooden beads that I thought would be perfect for a tribal style necklace, but when I started putting the design together, I realised it looked like a beaded seat cover! Now I’m sure they are a boon to the taxi driver and long distance van drivers, but I don’t particularly want one around my neck. I still liked the actual design but had to rethink the beads. After looking all over the web for non-wooden oval beads and pretty much coming up blank, I realised I already had some vintage brass tubes I had bought ages ago but never used. And what is doubly great is that they ¬†are still available to buy, hurrah! Which is how we ended up with this beauty of a necklace. Read more

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