12 Stylish Halloween DIY Ideas

12 Stylish Halloween DIY Ideas

A roundup of of some easy but stylish Halloween DIY ideas and crafts from accessories, decorations to cakes and cocktails! The garish ,blood-spattered, neon coloured style of most Halloween decorations is just not my thing. I love a good horror film, so its not that I’m squeamish or dislike Halloween for religious reasons, I just don’t feel it. But that doesn’t mean I want to miss out the celebrations altogether. If anything, Halloween is an excellent distraction from the fact the clocks go back and the days start getting really short and the weather gray. So here is my roundup of some of the more elegant Halloween DIY Ideas from craft and design bloggers. Read more

Beaded Light Pull

Upgrade your bathroom with this luxe gold leaf beaded light pull!

Beaded Light Pull DIY tutorial

My bathroom light pull was looking a bit grubby and had a functional, but rather boring, silver end. Having recently repainted my bathroom, I wanted something a bit more fun and I had been itching to do something with these chunky wooden beads for ages! There isn’t a reason for the gold leaf, other than it looking pretty. Read more

What is Gold Fill Jewellery?

What is the difference between Gold Plated, Gold Filled and Gold Vermeil Jewellery?

Lets face it, gold is lovely but expensive. In looking for alternatives, you have probably noticed these terms cropping up more frequently over the last few years. But what do they actually mean?

What is the difference between Gold plae, Gold Fill and Vermeil Jewellery? Read more

Creative Places – Logie Steading

My visit to the gardens, shops and galleries at Logie Steading in the North of Scotland.

Logoe Steading Shops, Crafts, Gallery and Gardens

I’m still getting Scotland withdrawal symptoms, so to cheer myself up I am going to share another lovely place I visited, Logie Steading. Located east of Inverness and 6 miles south of the Moray coast, Logie Steading is a small complex of shops and galleries set in the Logie Estate and also offers a gorgeous garden and river walks. Read more

Which Jewellery Pliers Do I Need?

There is an every increasing amount of different pliers available to help you in your jewellery making exploits, but when starting out, which do you really need?

Which jewellery making pliers do I need

There are three main types of plier you need to get started, each performing a unique function. There are another two that I’m including because I use them all the time and find they make my jewellery making even easier! Read more

Seed Bead Earrings DIY

These simple earrings are perfect for using up seed beads leftover from another project!

DIY seed bead earring tutorial

Seed beads are usually sold by weight, meaning you often end up getting more than you need. But then you only have a few left over, so what do you do with them? Make these simple bead and jump ring earrings! This is also a great beginner project which is great for practicing using pliers and jump rings. Read more

Natural Rope Basket DIY

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough storage. After coveting the many basket-weaving DIYs and inspiration over on Pinterest, I wanted to create something out of cotton rope, that was purely knotted and woven. Its perfect for storing everything from jewellery, washi tape to erm, tea!

DIY Rope Basket Tutorial

Basketry is an ancient craft; archaeologists have found examples in Egypt dating from 12000 years ago! Here in the UK, examples of woven fences and vessels have been found at an Iron Age site near Glastonbury. Update this age-old technique with cotton rope from the DIY store. And because the rope is cotton, you can even dye it different colours! Read more

Abakhans Fabric, North Wales

Abakhans Fabric, North Wales

It would be fair to say that my idea of a perfect day out involves some combination of craft, tea and cake. So when my Mum suggested that en-route to visit a family friend in Prestatyn in North Wales we took a trip to Abakhans Mostyn store, I wasn’t going to say no!

I visited the area often as a child and back then, Abakhans just sold fabric, but in recent years has expanded hugely, and now has interiors, yarn and craft shops as well as a gift shop, cafe and workshop space. Read more

Paper Stitched Heart

Paper Stitched Heart

This updated version of string art uses bakers twine or embroidery thread stitched onto card, makes a wonderful Valentines card or frame-worthy piece of art!

stitched heart-24

As a kid, I remember a piece of string art hanging on the wall in our hallway. In string art, thread is wrapped between pins that have been stuck into a wooden or cork surface. Made by my uncle Charlie, it was a wonderful seventies number, all orange and brown sparkly threads. It always fascinated me, so I’m so glad I have found this type of paper embroidery is so similar, but much easier to display! And less seventies….

You will need:
-Tapestry Needle
-Bakers twine (or Embroidery Floss)
-Washi/Masking/other low tack tape
-Piece of thin foam or felt

Paper Embroidered Heart

How to:
1.Print out this template. If you print out on A4 without altering the scale, it will be just the right size for a A6 card. Trim template down to approx 1cm smaller than the front of your card. Temporarily hold in place with some washi or low tack tape.

Paper Embroidered Heart

3.Place the card onto your foam or felt surface and use the pin to punch a hole through each dot.

Paper Embroidered Heart

3.Thread your needle with 1metre of twine.

Paper Embroidered Heart

4.Leaving the paper template in place (you can rip it off later after all the stitching is finished) stitch from the back of the card to the front at point 1, leaving a 10cm tail. Hold the tail in place on the back of the card with a bit more tape.

Paper Embroidered Heart

5.Insert your needle in at point 2 and come out at point 3.

Paper Embroidered Heart

4.Take the needle in at point 4 and out a point 5. Follow this pattern of counting six points along clockwise to take your needle in and bringing it out another point along, going back in six points and out the next. After a few stitches, the pattern will become easier to see.

Paper Embroidered Heart

5.From point 13  you will be going through holes that already have twine in them (these points are numbered on the outside of the heart), just keep the pattern going.

Paper Embroidered Heart

6.Keep going until your needle goes in point 34 at the bottom of the heart.

Paper Embroidered Heart

7. Turn the card over and weave in the tail. Re-thread the start of the twine and weave this in too. Trim off any excess.

Paper Embroidered Heart

8.With another 1m of thread in your needle repeat the process on the other side of the heart, this time working anti-clockwise. So coming out of point one, counting six points along and taking the needle in, one along and stitching back 6, etc.

Paper Embroidered Heart

9.Weave the ends in as before and rip off the paper template.

stitched paper heart

stiched paper heart

Needle Felted Birds

Needle Felted Garden Birds

I always try to give my parents something I’ve handmade at Christmas, sometimes it will be individual presents or a joint gift. I went for thelatter this Christmas and made them a set of needle felted garden birds decorations! They are lucky to live on the edge of a small town in Yorkshire, right by a park which leads onto the countryside so they get a lot of birds in their garden. I have made some needle felted birds before and have even taught workshops to make them, so its seemed about time they had a set.
I decided to create a bullfinch, a blue tit, a greenfinch and a goldfinch; all birds that have visited my parents garden. I am super happy with how they turned out! I even took the opportunity to photograph them in their natural habitat so to speak!

Needle Felted Garden Bird BullfinchNeedle Felted Garden Bird GreenfinchNeedle Felted Garden Bird Blue TitNeedle Felted Garden Bird Goldfinch