Chain Earrings DIY

Chain Earrings DIY

A quick and easy tutorial this week with this beads and chain earrings DIY!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a project that I can get my teeth into, but sometimes, simple is the best way to go. A perfect beginner project, all you need for this is chain, jump rings, beads and some loop stud earrings! If you are unsure about how to use jump rings or have had trouble getting them to close neatly, pop on over to this tutorial first. Read more

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Wire Chain Link Necklace DIY

We all need a necklace that goes with everything, and this easy wire-work DIY is just that! Using wire, chain and some jump rings, you can create this light weight but detailed design, the perfect necklace for taking you from daytime to a night out!

Wire link Chain Necklace DIY Tutorial Read more

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